Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2013: Cash Messages

I wanted to pull some cards for December using the always marvelous Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, but instead of pulling my quad of cards (4, sometimes more), I decided to stick to two. I definitely got a common theme! At least there's balance...right? :) I both have to be careful about finances and also may be receiving some money. That sounds about right. December tend to be a high expense month for most people due to the holidays. And even though I don't actually do Christmas or holiday gifts anymore, I do still seem to spend money anyway, because I do things like holiday baking (though not so much anymore since I am trying to avoid too many carbs/sugar), and I have lots of family members and friends that are Sagittarius, including my daughter, so I can't help buy them gifts because I love buying and making presents for my dear friends and family.

Anyway...for my daughter I have to think about her birthday party, which falls between my two little sisters' birthdays exactly (Dec 6, 13, 20), and I have some of my daughter's birthday gift but not all of it. I tend to buy one or two slightly more expensive things (when I say expensive I don't mean REALLY expensive, I just mean more than 5 bucks), and then a few really affordable things, like something from the thrift store. I like to also buy from small businesses as much as possible. Thankfully my daughter enjoys a lot of things. We actually bought her an early birthday present the other day--a little weaving loom from a local store. She was so excited about it, thanking us profusely for it. It's so funny! I never know what will elicit that reaction from her or anyone else gift-wise. That's why I try to use my intuition during gift-shopping or making. It isn't always the fancy gifts that get the most appreciation. Sometimes it's just something that is especially interesting at the time. This loom was $14, which isn't too bad, and as long as she doesn't step on it and crack it, it should last a long time.

O.K. I went on a long tangent with the gift thing. Anyway. The 'Purse' card does make me think of the birthday and holiday shopping I do. I am glad we stopped doing Christmas presents, as it gets really insane with a large family to buy gifts. The most I do now is put a few things in a stocking for my daughter--but even that I am going to try to cut back on, because those small things can add up quickly! It really doesn't matter what you get. I remember being really happy to see a tangerine in my stocking at Christmas as a kid. I loved everything else, too, but the sweet taste of the citrus fruit was just as thrilling as everything else.

I am going to be participating in a local holiday sale and show this coming weekend (the 7-8th), and I am a little nervous about it, even though I've done it several times before. I always get nervy about things, even if I've done them countless times before. I'm looking at the weather forecast for the week and I admit I am not thrilled with it! It has been so beautiful and unseasonably warm this past week and now we're headed into the single digits, even into the negative temperatures in the evening. Ouch. I hope people still want to go to the holiday sale. That is Colorado for you. One day it will be 60 degrees and sunny (like today), and then two days later it's a high of 10 degrees and snowing.

I guess I have come to the end of what I wanted to say, so I'll wish you all a safe, joyous and productive month of December!



  1. I like how you approach birthdays and Christmas, sounds loving without going overboard. And good luck this weekend with the sale and show - hope it's fun as well as profitable :D

    1. Thank you! I definitely want to convey love without completely going broke. Haha. I do love giving gifts. I would do it as a full-time job if I could. But I think making things (bath/body stuff, etc) is one good way to cut down on costs, although it can still get out of control if you're not careful...