Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Time Give and Take

So I pulled a card from the Psychic Tarot by John Holland, an app I got not too long ago. Overall, I enjoy the artwork in this deck and the slight departure from traditional Rider-Waite imagery. In this case, I got the 6 of Pentacles. The color is more like a wands color, but that's OK.

This reminds me more of the 2 of Wands as far as the image goes, with a man standing on a balcony, looking out over two fountains over a pool with a path leading to some unknown horizon. But I guess the feeling that is being conveyed is more along the lines of satisfaction. It's funny, because I feel more like the 2 of Wands than the 6 of Pentacles, and this subtitle is more along the lines of the 9 of Pentacles or maybe the 9 of Cups, but no biggie.

The principle thing about the 6 of Pentacles is about the proper balance of give and take--and how important they are in our lives. If we swing too wildly in any direction, we may soon find that we have to compensate for that. I was thinking about this a little recently after spending a lot of money on party stuff and my daughter's birthday, and then giving a bunch of stuff away.

But when I thought about it, giving things away is not really a deficit. I often feel full in a way that you cannot get in any other way when I give things to others. It definitely fulfills a need that we all have--to give back. That's part of why I am volunteering at my daughter's school. Today is volunteer day, and even though it can be tiring and chaotic at times, I definitely feel like I am fulfilling some sort of internal, emotional vitamin deficiency when I volunteer. Ditto when I visit with dear friends or family.

Sometimes, though, the biggest deficit we have is in relaxing and letting others give to us. Not being tense, full of pride or otherwise blocking the influx of prosperity and caring from others. Proper giving and receiving are a gift to the world.

This card mentions giving back, although I didn't include that quote because I'm tired and lazy, but this quote here emphasizes the receiving part. I find the striving toward a common goal party interesting. I guess, for instance, in a school environment you are all working to benefit the mental, emotional and physical health of the children there, or really any group setting.

Anyyyyywayyy. I am getting tired of writing. Hahaa! I am kinda sleepy today. I had some coffee but it isn't really working. I am going to lay low for a couple of hours before I have to leave for volunteering.

Sending lots of goodness to all of you,


  1. We feel the most comfortable when there is an equal flow and balance between giving and taking. Sometimes you'll receive a material gift and in return you'll give attention and love. It is all about the intent behind giving and receiving. No scales, no receipts, Just exchanging energy

    1. Thank you, Ellen. Yes, balance is very important. I definitely count all of the forms of energy exchange. Lots o' love to you!