Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Decisions

Happy New Year's Eve, Folks!

I have done SO many readings the past several days, and I guess this year in general, which is all fine and dandy, and I always get something interesting out of it, but there also comes a time where you simply have to jump into the icy cold pool of decision-making!

I've been getting lots of repeat messages of making a decision, focusing my efforts, not being paralyzed by fear or simply insisting on things being uber-safe. I get it! I get it! I think?

Not to mention, I've also read a number of articles and commentary mentioning the path and the journey being as important, if not more important, than the destination. Yes, that's right! I am spouting clich├ęs! Live with it. ;)

So, why be so precious about my decision-making? Before I know it, ten more years will pass and I'll be in indecisive no-man's-land. Or at least it will feel that way, so long as I look upon everything I do as worthless or wishy-washy. Time to change perspective and also direction. Or at least have any sort of direction, even if that direction is only a rough draft. In reality, all of our goals and plans are only dress rehearsals. The real thing is often not what we expect. And that's usually OK. Things rarely go according to plan, right? That is maddening. Yep, I know, fellow control freaks! I understand your pain. One of my recent mantras is:

"Surprise me in a good way."

Admittedly it's still kinda control freakish, but not as bad as I am a lot of the time, which is I don't want anything unexpected or stressful to pop up, even if it's good stress!  So. I am going to be happily doing-focused in this coming year, and much less about dithering. I can't promise NO dithering, though, so don't expect that. I'm talking to myself more than anything, here...

Sending you all warm and wonderful wishes for 2014,


  1. I'm thinking of The Fool with this post. It matters not which direction you head, but that you start your journey. It's a fresh and new journey, so leave the baggage from past trips behind and travel light, picking up what you need along the way. Happy New Year! xoxo

    1. An excellent comparison! I agree that the Fool is a wonderful example of this energy. Setting off on a journey, not really knowing quite what will happen, but not worrying about it. Good advice. It's hard to shut the old brain off and do this, but I really want to.