Thursday, December 5, 2013

Take Time for Yourself and Be Back on Monday

Hey Folks,

I am having a busy upcoming weekend so I decided to take off from blogging until Monday. The holiday sale that I'm participating in (doing readings, selling soaps and solid lotions) has set-up and a reception tomorrow (Friday), and the sale runs through the weekend. I will probably not be there the entire time, but I usually stay for 4 or more hours on each day.

I have some work to do--I have to inventory all of my soaps and lotions, then label all of them accordingly. It isn't that big of a deal except that I feel tired and drained today, so I may have my husband assist me just to give my sinus-pain-addled/almost-got-into-a-car-wreck-today brain a rest.

I pulled this card from the Flower Therapy Oracle Card App I have, and it talks about taking time to yourself to relax. This sounds like a good idea, particularly with a busy weekend coming up. Thankfully my husband took tomorrow off to help me and so we can hang out together.
See you all on Monday.



  1. Ahh, your hubby is such a sweetie! Good luck with the sale, and hope you also have a bit of time for yourself :)

    1. I agree! He is a sweetheart. I plan to do readings only on Saturday. I hope anyone comes in this frigid weather!

  2. Pretty in pink ...

    Good luck at the sale!! Take some pics!

  3. Thank you!!! I will try to take some pics. You know I love to take pics. ;)