Monday, December 2, 2013

Themes for 2014: Family and Teaching

I pulled these cards on Saturday which pertain to the year of 2014. I was looking for some themes to latch onto and this is what I got. Actually, I admit I did this a few times. One time I got the 3 of Pentacles (a work project, job or other collaboration), and another time I got something else, but I can't remember what. I decided to do a pair of cards rather than a single card. These are the two cards I received.

So...what do these cards bring to mind? I guess for the 10 of Cups I immediately think, 'Family' and for the Hierophant I think of some sort of structure or institution, but most often I think of the Hierophant as being a learning environment or a teacher/student dynamic. Recently I received the Hierophant and it set off a train of thought about teaching art and intuitive classes. I was thinking about doing a kind of unofficial art therapy thing--where we do journaling or journal-making, mandalas, dream interpretation art, Day of the Dead and honoring ancestors, that kind of thing. Something with a psychological and intuitive basis. Nothing too confusing or difficult for people to get involved in--just something with an emotional element that might be enjoyable to work with.

I've done this sort of thing before, but not recently--maybe 9-10 years ago, before my daughter was born. I think I miss the dynamic of teaching, especially older children/teens and adults. I find, especially since I have been volunteering in my daughter's classroom the past couple of months, that I still feel out-of-sorts when around younger kids as a group. It doesn't mean I don't like them, just that I prefer to teach older kids and adults. The things I like to teach take some patience and focus, which kids understandably don't have until they are older.

So, this is something to think about. Perhaps I will find the balance between teaching and family life in 2014.



  1. I notice how the kids play behind the parents' backs in the 10 of Cups - they no longer need their full attention. And so you can turn your focus elsewhere. Totally with you on the teaching young kids thing - the youngest I actually enjoyed teaching were teens, though I had quite a few classes with younger kids. Love the sound of intuitive art-therapy! :)

    1. Very nice, Chloƫ!

      I have a lot of respect for people who teach elementary school (and middle school, for that matter). So much chaos going on at that time! Of course anyone who devotes themselves to a job has my respect! I don't yet know if I will follow the teaching thing. I am not sure if I'm just forcing a decision. OY! Glad you like the idea--it is a definite contender.


    2. Well, as you said in another post, perhaps you can do a bit of teaching and a bit of intuitive drawing, it doesn't have to be all one thing or a "proper" job. While I respect people working a 9-5, it certainly doesn't suit everyone :)

    3. Very true...I realize I'll never have a 'normal' job...probably. I've noted that less and less people have the typical 9-5 job. I think it is becoming a thing of the past as people are embracing multiple identities and various streams of income...