Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Be Back After Valentine's Day!

Hello Loves,

I have not really felt like posting lately so I thought I'd take a two week hiatus. I hope you are all well and had a decent January. I feel like January was tiring, and I am not pleased to hear that February may bring more snow and more stressful commutes for me. UGH. I hate snow driving--I am a nervous wreck. But anyway, moving on to positive things, or trying!

I want to remind any interested parties of my three card reading special for January and February. Half-price! $6 for a three card reading, and of course, my other reading selections. Thank you!

Lots of Love,

Friday, January 24, 2014

Paying Attention to Body Signals

I decided to pull from the Goddess Guidance App on my phone because I like how it tends to be surprisingly practical and straightforward, something I've been valuing more than usual with my divination stuff. This is a card that I tend to get when I feel worn down, crappy, or otherwise not in tune with my body. It can mean your period or other hormonal things, but generally it seems more about energy levels and general well-being. I definitely have been tired lately. I feel like I need to take better care of myself overall (which is generally true for most people, I think!) and I would really like to have more energy.

Although I am working on tweaking my diet, I still need to add in exercise, and I need to manage my borderline thyroid issues by finding the right diet and supplements to support it. I need to start taking my herbal thyroid blend and my other thyroid boosting supplement. Thankfully they are not very expensive and I already have them. I stopped taking them for a while and boy, I can tell the difference! I didn't realize how much it was helping.

I also think this is a clarion call for better self-care overall. If we feel stressed, depressed or burnt out (which I often do) it's generally because we are not heeding our body's signals or really doing things that would make us feel happier, healthier and more joyful overall. My husband was home today for half the day (though it means he'll be at work later. He'll be home around 7pm), and I found myself feeling rather tired and cranky. I wasn't too rude or anything, just not very relaxed or happy. I found myself apologizing to my husband for my mood. He said that it was perfectly alright, but I don't like feeling moody and drained. Usually it doesn't take too much to pinpoint main sources of stress contributing to the problem.

Oh, and here were the rest of the bullet points for the meanings:

Have an excellent weekend, all, and I will see you next week!

Sending you all emotional support and rest,

Monday, January 20, 2014

Card of the Week: 8 of Wands

This week's card is quite dynamic, and one of my favorites. I love the 8 of Wands! It's certainly my favorite 8 in the tarot. It means swiftness, action, messages received and given quickly, progress. I like that. I have always valued communication as well as progress. So I am pleased to have this as a mantra for the week. Plus, it fits well with my newfound sense of momentum--acting on things in a more immediate way and not agonizing.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Card of the Week: Ace of Swords

I decided that, just for the next week or two, I'm going to only post once or twice a week. I've been getting a lot out of my readings, but more so if I don't read too often. I think a once-a-week main reading and maybe one more Wordless Wednesday or other type of posts might be good for the remainder of this month. But I will go back to frequent posting, I'm sure. :)

I've had an influx of creative and work activity the past few days. I've been making things and pondering options. I'm not quite sure what I want to do yet, but at the same time, I'm also just doing things anyway. I've definitely moved away from dithering, at least. I made some Valentine-y and also spring-y soaps for my mom's consignment space, I've given a couple of readings, I sent off a package of soaps and bath salts to a friend who purchased them, and I'm now thinking of doing some website editing for a blogger friend, though I have to work out some details with that, so may not start until mid-late week.

I am realizing that life is to be lived moment-to-moment. I've spent too much time agonizing over things that shouldn't be agonized over. Success may be more triumphant when it means flow and forward momentum without so much fear. For me, this card as my weekly card means the traditional things that the ace of swords means, such as clarity and mental acuity, and also decisiveness. Decisions have power. I remarked to my husband last night how I feel I've consciously and unconsciously avoided and delayed (or reversed) decisions so many times, just to avoid the feeling of fear that comes with making decisions. Simply to avoid pain or avoid the risk of action. The trouble with this stance is that when you avoid action at all costs, you are actually spending a lot of energy doing so--thereby wasting a lot of precious good mojo that could be used elsewhere.

Wishing you all well,

Leibster Award

A hearty thanks to the lovely Mary Anne, of Life's Journey: There to Here Blog, a collection of her blogged adventures from her life. You won't believe some of the things you'll read about her! Wonderful stories--you should go look! Anyway. Thank you for the award! I don't know much about it, but I guess it's for people with less than 200 followers so we can spread awareness of our blogs. I'm a bit of a hermit about my blog, still, but that's OK!
It is too hard to choose from the wonderful blogs out there, but I will just choose these:

  • Saturness: A fellow tarot and Sag blogger from Brazil with a poetic heart and fiery spirit. I don't know how many followers she has, but you should go read her blog!
  • Ellen of Greylady's Hearth: A swell tarot blogger from New Zealand with loving and worthwhile observations--she always leaves thoughtful and supportive commentary on blogs.
  • Photon Stimulus- Judith is another fabulously smart, creative tarot blogger whose blog is excellent and I need to remember to comment more often!
There are a billion more amazing bloggers out there, and I am lucky to call several of these my friends. I wish I had the energy to read hundreds of blogs and blog posts, but instead I feverishly try to read them here and there, sadly neglecting many of them. But I love them all!

The Liebster award is intended to give some exposure to small blogs with less than 200 followers. Here are the rules:
1.     Link back to the blogger who nominated you
2.     Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
3.     Nominate 3-11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
4.     Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination
5.     Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

Without further pause, here are the questions Mary Anne asked of me:

My Questions:
 1. Aside from blogging, do you journal with pen and paper?
Rarely! I have tried some, but I am so accustomed to typing that I find writing with a utensil to tire out my hands and make them cramp. I know. It doesn't make sense, especially when I am a visual artist and have used utensils, paintbrushes and all manner of things. 

 2. In what other ways do you express your creativity?
Well, that varies a bit, but overall I like to make things (DIY stuff: bath/body/home products), cook, take photos and edit them, do artsy stuff if I'm in that mode, sing, and do divination. 
 3. What one word best describes your personality?
Oh my goodness. That is a surprisingly hard question. I'm having a hard time with this. I used to be better at doing this sort of thing because I would try to come up with key words and phrases more. I guess right-brained or intuitive, since it encompasses the kinds of activities that I tend to like to do.
 4. Do you believe in your dreams? 
You mean, do I believe in my goals and visions for the future, or my literal dreams? Just kidding. I think! My first instinct is to say no, because I often doubt my own desires and goals, but I am working to change that.

 5.  How do you deal with self-perceived failure?
Not always very gracefully, admittedly. I get depressed, whine, pout, get anxious, lose sight of who I am, etc. You know the drill! But I am also resilient enough that I pull myself back up and try again. 
 6. What does success look like for you?
 I am not entirely sure. This would be a good question to ask myself in my 2014 goals workbook that I made. I think there are a lot of things I could list: financial freedom, vibrant health, loving family connections, and creative outlets that I enjoy. Overall I have most of these things, though the financial part I need to work on. I think in all of the various areas of my life the element of allowing and general receptivity would make things flow better overall.

7. What is your favorite place for creative thinking?
I haven't really designated a place. I think wherever I am that my daughter isn't interrupting me every 2 minutes. When I'm alone, or in my car in silence, or maybe when in the bath. Otherwise there's too much noise and chaos.

 8. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?
For some reason I can only think of Anne of Green Gables. She was so memorable. She was smart, plucky, emotional and kind of a mess. I think she was fun to watch and read about, because a lot of us can identify with her vulnerability and quirkiness.

 9. Who has inspired you the most in your life and why?
I find that hard to answer, too. Anyone who tries to be loving and kind and tolerant of others, anyone who expresses themselves honestly. Anyone who manages to live life without killing anyone else. OK, you get the drift. I always admired my mother and grandmother (and several aunts) for managing such large families of children. Both were stay-at-home moms to 5-6 kids. I know, even with one child, that being a full-time SAHM is very, very exhausting. Overall there are very few people out there who I don't admire at least a few qualities.

 10. What is your favorite food to serve guest in your home?
Hm. That is interesting. I guess I like fun foods--something festive. But I don't have a signature recipe--except my strange cakes, which are often lower-sugar, higher protein, gluten and dairy-free, and unusual flavors. I get compliments on them, and so that's always nice.

 11. If you won a big lotto, what is the first thing you would do for yourself? 
Besides the obvious paying off all debt thing (no mortgage, no credit card bill, etc and so forth), I would say to get myself a really nice expensive, gigantic set of organic essential oils to make my both and body products with. Then I'd make tons of extravagant and wonderful things for my friends and family. Also, I would get lots of body work, energy work, and maybe TCM/acupuncture done, since I can't afford to do that right now.

Thank you again, Mary Anne! And I am going to recycle the questions given to me, since I think they are good ones! I hope you all have an excellent day.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Valentine Reading Special

Over at my website, I have a Valentine Reading Special for the months of January and February. It's just a simple half price special. A three card reading for $6. O.K. Back to my scheduled blog break!

Much Love,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sige: Quiet Time and Be Back Next Week

Now is the time to retreat in silence and spend time alone. I'm feeling a bit 'meh' about blogging lately so I am going to take the week off. I will see you all next week, and I hope your respective lives go very well in that time. So many people I know are stressed, sick or otherwise compromised, and to everyone out there who is especially stressed and feeling the pressure of day-to-day life, I extend my heartfelt love and concern, and wishes for a brighter upcoming phase. 

Love Lots,

p.s. I'm having trouble with the formatting of this post for some reason. Sorry about that.

Rainbow Blessings Quote

Bless your difficult or painful experiences, and let them go.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Submerged: What is Your Shadow Side Experience?

Hello Dears,

Instead of rambling about my own thoughts and such today I decided to turn the topic over to you, my beloved readers and friends. What do you feel when you see this card? What experience do you have to share about unearthing your shadow side? What did you discover about yourself? What facets, experiences or personality traits of other people did you deny in yourself, or project outward?

Anyone who wants to comment, feel free to do so!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Emerging from My Shell

Another type of repeat card that I've been getting is one saying some major change is on the way, and that I'm moving into a more authentic expression of myself with this. Frankly, I don't really see it, but it is something I've been trying to word towards. As I approach my 35th year, I think I need to really settle into adulthood in a meaningful way. There's no time like the present to take hold of my self and try to be as true to myself as possible. The mention of maturity makes me think of letting go of the piddly and teetering insecurities of my 20's and early 30's and try to move into a more expansive level of self-expression. I dunno. To be honest this makes me nervous! You know how us humans resist change, but I have to admit I wouldn't mind busting out of some of my ruts. We'll see how it goes!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Word for 2014: Harmony

I was really inspired by this card that I got recently from my Earth Magic Oracle App. I have received it a couple of times and the description really hit home with me. It's kind of like going with the flow, with a twist. It's being in harmony with what is. Balancing the right elements, rising above turmoil, having a calm center. It embodies a lot of things that are of interest to me. I started to use some concepts from this description and it helped me out even in a very short period of time.

Originally, I was going to have a more 'active' or 'proactive' word, but what I realized is that, as a person who has a tendency toward anxiety and obsessiveness, I think being in harmony and flow is far more important than having the intense focus or even resistance that often accompanies trying to scale some kind of mountain of goals for the year. I think this feels right. It is sort of like allowing, but not quite. I suppose you can imbue a word with multiple concepts. I guess I see this as being balance, peace, flow...resulting in more natural, intuitive decisions and actions. Not ones based on frantic grasping.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Lake: Stillness

*UPDATE* Things went relatively well at the dentist office...whew! 

This is a particularly calm and contemplative card for this Friday. Using my Earth Magic Oracle Cards app, I pulled a single card for today. I guess this is good advice. I feel a bit tense today because I have to take my daughter to the dentist to get a cavity filled, which may be a bit deep.

Ugh. I have been working on improving her diet and dental hygiene, but this one needs to be filled and I am not looking forward to it. They will play a movie for her and she may have to get a stainless steel crown (ugh), which is rather visible, but it is only a baby tooth, and I am working on really cutting out carbs and sugars, adding more nutrient-rich foods, and making sure she brushes and flosses regularly.

I also plan to add more bone broths in 2014 for their benefit to dental and bone health. In any event, no one loves going to the dentist. I wish I could afford a biological dentist, but alas I can only afford mainstream. But I will do my best to get her to take good care of her teeth and her general health, as dental health often reflects the overall health of the person, from my own, fairly considerable research on the topic.

I'll admit it right now: I kinda hate doctors of all kinds in general. Partially because I don't always agree with their stance on many things, but also for the feeling of powerlessness they seem to have over me, of being an 'authority', even though I realize the brunt of every decision still always lies with me, the parent. I know many, many parents other than me feel the same way about healthcare stuff, no matter what they're encountering.

Lots of Love and Peace,

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Release & Embrace for 2014

Hey, everybody else was doing it!

Haha, but really. Neopagan Priestess did it, Siddaleah did it. Anyway. It's an easy but very good spread. If you haven't yet, I suggest you try it! I can't think of a time where this spread didn't make sense to me. For some reason this is one of my favorite spreads. I have found that most spreads that are more than four cards are too much for me. Simplicity is part of what makes this so great.

When I saw the Release card, Two of Swords, I was happy. I love being released from this fate! It's the dawdling and dithering I have been mentioning a lot lately. I decided to make this one a bit more encompassing, more of a theme for the whole year of 2014 rather than just this recent New Moon in Capricorn, even though that is a very good way to use this spread. However, I am not limiting my experience of 2014 to these archetypes and ideas.

So what am I leaving behind? Well, simply look at the key words for this card:


Good riddance, right?!!! Oy!

I love the key words for the Empress used in the Shadowscapes Tarot App:


I like this energy of embracing the artist/mother within me, which is a huge part of my identity. To create and nurture. It is one of the cornerstones of my personality, and I think we are all creators of our lives and circumstances, as well as creative works.

Wishing you all abundance and creativity,

A Trio of Meanings: Three of Wands

3 of Wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot App, edited in PicMonkey.com

From the ATA Website:

The last meaning is this card is the most powerful. The man has travelled this distance alone and, though he knows he will bring others with him in the future, no one can take away the fact that he made the journey himself. Your own virtue and accomplishments are also things that can never be taken away from you; they are always there to fall back upon in your time of need. Once you know what you have to offer the world, you can start putting those skills into practice. Never let failure set you back, learn from all of your mistakes and snatch victory from the jaws of every defeat.

If you can bring the fullness of your creativity and inventiveness to the table, then the III of Wands brings good news. You are about to enter a time where your potential for productivity and accomplishment is very favourable. Keep your eyes open for new career opportunities and your mind open to new possibilities. The rewards these new opportunities bring, however, will only come in the fullness of time. You will need to be patient and stick around for the long haul. Also, look for new allies, as any new undertakings will be most successful if undertaken as partnerships.

Allow your spirit to merge with your visions - to explore and seek out new, deeper experiences - while you stay behind, rooted in reality, directing the images to their greatest potential. Maintain a primary commitment to your existing situations and relationships while at the same time looking for new friends, lovers and adventures. Having known trouble, struggling with the past - you now come to peace with your memories. Prepare yourself to move forward. Be open to helping everyone - including yourself. Know that everyone is suffering in some way - accept everyone's frailties and shortcomings with tolerance. Commit yourself with unconditional love to help others become whole. You have the ability to heal through your understanding love and healing hands - be gentle, be patient. Compassion is nurturing and loving and the results will renew your spirit. Follow and trust your guides and intuition - love is the divine healing power - be optimistic - use it!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Day of 2014: Eight and Nine of Pentacles

Earlier today, in the car, I was riding along as my husband drove us to breakfast, and I decided I wanted to pull two cards as an immediate focus for 2014. I actually had to wait until we were parked to take the photo, as things were a bit too wild and jiggly on the road. I wanted something I could dig into ASAP. I guess I wanted an assignment. I thought the answer was pretty good, although I have to fill in the blanks. I have to figure out those details.

We have both the eight and nine of pentacles. I see pentacles as being practical things: work, health, money, certain types of projects. The eight is about craftsmanship, focused work on a specific project, and the nine of pentacles, I feel, is the feeling of satisfaction which is often accompanied by financial reward. Both of these cards have a solitary feel. This is not a project I'm working on in tandem with another person. That is fine with me! I prefer to work that way. But what project? Ah, I guess that's for me to figure out!

Much Love to Y'all,