Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Trio of Meanings: Three of Wands

3 of Wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot App, edited in

From the ATA Website:

The last meaning is this card is the most powerful. The man has travelled this distance alone and, though he knows he will bring others with him in the future, no one can take away the fact that he made the journey himself. Your own virtue and accomplishments are also things that can never be taken away from you; they are always there to fall back upon in your time of need. Once you know what you have to offer the world, you can start putting those skills into practice. Never let failure set you back, learn from all of your mistakes and snatch victory from the jaws of every defeat.

If you can bring the fullness of your creativity and inventiveness to the table, then the III of Wands brings good news. You are about to enter a time where your potential for productivity and accomplishment is very favourable. Keep your eyes open for new career opportunities and your mind open to new possibilities. The rewards these new opportunities bring, however, will only come in the fullness of time. You will need to be patient and stick around for the long haul. Also, look for new allies, as any new undertakings will be most successful if undertaken as partnerships.

Allow your spirit to merge with your visions - to explore and seek out new, deeper experiences - while you stay behind, rooted in reality, directing the images to their greatest potential. Maintain a primary commitment to your existing situations and relationships while at the same time looking for new friends, lovers and adventures. Having known trouble, struggling with the past - you now come to peace with your memories. Prepare yourself to move forward. Be open to helping everyone - including yourself. Know that everyone is suffering in some way - accept everyone's frailties and shortcomings with tolerance. Commit yourself with unconditional love to help others become whole. You have the ability to heal through your understanding love and healing hands - be gentle, be patient. Compassion is nurturing and loving and the results will renew your spirit. Follow and trust your guides and intuition - love is the divine healing power - be optimistic - use it!


  1. Oh! This app is available for Android too. I think I must have. :-)

    1. Yes, go get it! It's a very good app, and a lovely deck. You can take a screen shot and edit it like I do for my posts. :)

  2. The pictures are so crisp and clear. I'm not getting that high a resolution from my screenshots on my phone. Is there a trick or is it just that iphones are better for that than android?

    1. You know, I have no idea, as I've never used an Android, so I don't know what the quality is! It could be that. I am sorry they aren't very clear!