Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Day of 2014: Eight and Nine of Pentacles

Earlier today, in the car, I was riding along as my husband drove us to breakfast, and I decided I wanted to pull two cards as an immediate focus for 2014. I actually had to wait until we were parked to take the photo, as things were a bit too wild and jiggly on the road. I wanted something I could dig into ASAP. I guess I wanted an assignment. I thought the answer was pretty good, although I have to fill in the blanks. I have to figure out those details.

We have both the eight and nine of pentacles. I see pentacles as being practical things: work, health, money, certain types of projects. The eight is about craftsmanship, focused work on a specific project, and the nine of pentacles, I feel, is the feeling of satisfaction which is often accompanied by financial reward. Both of these cards have a solitary feel. This is not a project I'm working on in tandem with another person. That is fine with me! I prefer to work that way. But what project? Ah, I guess that's for me to figure out!

Much Love to Y'all,


  1. A lovely set of cards. I am always happy to get the nine of pentacles. Just love to be in that garden all by myself (I'm such a hermit :))

  2. Hi Ellen! Yes, I am learning more and more the importance of time to myself. I am still needing to get going on this mystery project!