Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letting Go

This card is pretty epically cheesy (and a touch slutty--soft porn, anyone? Hah!) but anyway. It's still a good message.  Often, we expend crap tons of energy trying to control everything and everyone around us. I am no exception to this! In letting go, we allow a better solution to unfold--one that is intuitive, open and expansive, rather than constrictive, tense and limited. The creative process filters information in to us in our relaxed, receptive state. This is the 'zone' that many creative people have referred to for hundreds of years.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for March

I do so love this deck. I like to post with it, almost more than any other deck I have. I do go through phases with my decks, as you may have noticed from my recent run with the Energy Oracle.

I admit I was a TOUCH nervous to pull cards for March, maybe because March is my birthday month and I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my birthday. I need to let that one go, I think. Hahaa. I think being too focused on things going perfectly can backfire. I guess I just don't like bad news. Who does? Even if you get bad news, whether it's from someone else, from life in general, or from an oracle deck, that doesn't doom you to misery. You always have a choice of how you respond to life's twists and turns. And it's OK to freak out and complain at times. Things eventually do balance out, unless you refuse to allow balance.

On to the cards. The first card flipped out, which is Handshake. This card is about an important meeting and connection with someone who is beneficial to you. I like that. It isn't an offensive card. Hahaa. The card directly beneath Handshake, which is Ring, reminds me a little bit of the Handshake card. It also points to a beneficial collaboration. I see these as being connected.

The other two cards are 'Bell' and 'Feather'. Bell is neutral, simply an announcement of some sort. It could be anything--but usually it's something notable, not just, 'I have hemorrhoids'. Sorry. That was a really awful example, but I guess it serves its purpose in banality. I do associate the bell with weddings, because it's such a common wedding symbol.

The Feather card is saying that someone is not dependable, and something you thought would go through may not. I've gotten this card before, and in that case, someone acted interested in getting a small commission from me for a necklace and never followed through. This could be a similar situation.

Looking at the entire spread together, with Bell, Ring, Feather and Handshake, it makes me think that maybe it's talking about a specific and particular situation. The wedding theme comes up again as a possibility, as the Bell+Ring really spells wedding to me.

I sure hope this isn't saying that the gift baskets I'm planning to make for a friend's wedding will end up not going through for some reason. I will certainly keep that under advisement. Otherwise, I will see how else this might play out.


Analysis Paralysis: Unknown Path #1 or Unknown Path #2?

I read a blog post by Teal Swan that talked about listing as many of your childhood passions and interests that you could, and then going over each one, looking for a strong emotional reaction. The one that elicits the strongest reaction is the most crucial to follow. It makes sense to me. You can't back up a course of action that lacks any oomph whatsoever, and that has no emotional connection.

O.K. So I hope y'all will forgive me for using this deck YET AGAIN. But I feel that I am going to stop using it soon. I've been hankering to get a real deck out and take photos rather than screen shots. I prefer the feel of photographs to using these pre-scanned images.

Despite my postings lately, many of them brimming with creativity momentum such as taking action, planning something specific and carrying it out, and otherwise seizing opportunities I may have rejected out of hand, I seem to still be stuck in analysis paralysis. OYE!

Well, that is alright. I recognize that I am not going to 'get it right' in one shot. I am going to flounder occasionally with this whole taking action thing, but I am not going to let it bother me too much. I mean, I want to be bothered enough that I actually take action, apply some focus and discipline and try to shoo away my ever-present fears.

Whoa, haha. I had one of those fun synchronous moments. My daughter is home sick today and she is playing a Cat in the Hat game on her computer (going to get her off the computer soon), and the Cat in the Hat (played by Martin Short), is saying some sort of rhyme about choosing something. I forget the exact wording but it's something like:

"Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm making a choice, so I choose...YOU!"

Anyway. Lovely. I have an assignment already, which is making gifts for my friend's bridal party, so I will definitely work on the details of that (scent, product ideas, packaging, etc), and I will try to see what other ideas rise to the surface of my consciousness. I have felt the tension in my body and mind lately of 'not knowing' what the heck I am doing, but that is only because I am resisting the process of figuring it out. I'm all uptight about it. I feel relaxation and being in the flow is an essential part of knowing how to move forward. I'm sure that's why meditation and relaxation practices are so key.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Adjacent Possibilities: Don't Pigeonhole Yourself!

This has to be one of my top favorite cards from this deck. I have received it quite a lot, too. Maybe a dozen times by now. It's definitely a theme for me! I love the various doors and windows. It shows that, in life, there are always lots of options, even if we don't see them. If we're blind to them in some way, that doesn't mean they aren't there.

I've received this message in both upright and reversed form. The meaning is similar, but the reversed card meaning carries the extra push to remember to not forget that there are other ideas, other possibilities out there. It suggests that I am having some myopia when it comes to my ideals and goals. And they would be right! I can get VERY, VERY narrowly fixated on things, missing huge areas entirely from a fear of not being good enough or having enough skill--or missing smaller niches due to a generally dismissive attitude.

In any event, this card thoroughly proved itself shortly before I drew it--I had been closing the door on the bath and body stuff, simply because I did not see other possibilities, other angles for it. A friend messaged me via Facebook, asking if I could put together a dozen carnival-themed gift baskets for her wedding. Funny, but this possibility would never have occurred to me had she not mentioned it. Furthermore, I could've said, 'No, I'm not making things like that anymore' or otherwise overlooked/shot down/obliterated the possibility, but instead I've decided to give it airtime, to allow myself to do various things, even if I may have prematurely shut the door on some of those things.

My husband has been telling me pretty frequently in recent days that I have this very narrow image of what I am capable of, and I don't really deviate from that. I don't try to expand my self concept and I am fearful of stepping out of what I have set up for myself. I'm even afraid to do what I think I can do! In general, I allow fear to rule me rather than excitement or curiosity.

To recap: I have been really, sincerely hoping for a clear direction...any direction, and when I see a window I shouldn't run for the door! Sometimes I do get very clear guidance and ideas, or input from others, and I don't really allow it. I see it and try to ignore it. I think being open is a very crucially helpful thing in life.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Strategy: Make a Plan, Stan!

Haha. I feel like I've posted this before but when I checked it seems I didn't. I guess I thought that because I have received this card at least a few times before this! I hope you all will forgive me; I'm a bit addicted to this deck. I have been using it, as I mentioned on the blog earlier, almost exclusively the past couple of weeks since I purchased the app for my phone. I don't know what it is about this deck, but it's very interesting and quite helpful.

Once again this card has my number! I have fledgling ideas, but not a solid plan to carry forward, as this card suggests. I really need to get on that. I feel that I have a tendency to hesitate just when I should be pushing forward. I like how straightforward and clear this message is. It's what I need to hear because I am still leaning heavily in the dithering direction, as much as I'd like to say I am doing otherwise. Dither not, Magic Mentha!

There are a few things that this card could apply to. The one I'm thinking of most is my plan to teach some workshops during the warmer months. In order to do this, however, I have to actually reserve the time and space, and put out the information for others so they know when the class is. Oy! I think what I have is actually serious jitters about teaching again after an 8 year hiatus! I stopped teaching when I got pregnant, as I was already planning on stopping because I was having such a hard time getting sign-ups.

Alright. I guess I will use this next week to actually reserve space and plan out classes.

No excuses.

Lots of Love,

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Loving Sentiment: Compassion for Oneself

I'm still very much enjoying this Energy Oracle app for my phone. The messages are very nicely worded and the images aren't bad, either.  I have been using it almost exclusively in recent days.

Earlier today, I pulled a single card for a dear friend of mine. I wanted an encouraging message to convey to her--something that would uplift her. The card she received was perfect! So, for this blog post, I decided to do the same thing for myself. I received the Angel of Love.

At first I was a little annoyed. I thought, 'What a lame and generic message!' But then I figured that I must have an issue with this topic because I'm so dismissive about it. How can you dismiss love, probably the most important thing in existence? This card speaks about romantic and also other forms of love, notably self love. I do think focusing on love rather than on other, less savory emotions, is a good way to go. A lot more gets resolved through love than it does through forcing and striving. Sometimes pushing through is helpful--but if it's done without love then it isn't worth very much!

I also noted something when I read the affirmation (see the image above); I tend to expect to be treated poorly, undervalued, or otherwise rejected. And why do I think this? Most likely it's because I undervalue and dismiss myself. Everything begins inside of our personal filter.

Much Love,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

February Reading Special Reminder

Hello Dear Ones,

I just wanted to post a final reminder to any interested parties that I have a reading special that runs from January through the end of February. It's a three card reading for $6. Any deck I have, any topic! The reading ends on the last day of February. And, as always, I have other readings as well.

I will change the reading special every month or two, just to mix things up. I don't get a lot of takers for readings, but I like to have the option up if anyone happens to be interested. That is all!

Lots of Love,

Teaching Workshops Reading

Teaching Workshops Reading

Using Message for Today and Hawai'ian AUMAKUA Cards

MM's note: I pulled these three cards via the My Divination site. The reading is about teaching art workshops. The reading seems fun and positive, and suggests activity. Red cards are warm and active, not unlike the fire suit. My daughter's name (Pele!) even showed up here, although in this capacity it mentions creative energy as well as action. I highlighted the phrases in red which I felt summarized the meaning of the card. This trio seems to be a further confirmation of the 'take action' cards I've been getting of late.

PELE is the well-known and respected goddess of volcanoes.  She is full of creative energy.  When she appears near the AUMAKUA, it means to take action now.  Lava is never stopped by man-made things.  Get in sync with your own fire forces; feel your warmth; heal from within.  Be aware of the temperature of others (are they hot under the collar, are they steaming, and are you alert to their smoke signals?). PELE means activity and empowerment.

If surrounded by many other Red cards, then immediate action is indicated.  She will empower and strength and ALI'I.  The cool Blues, like the surrounding ocean will contain her energy.  The Green cards will grow and nurture, like the jungle puts down roots into the lava, bringing in more prosperity.  She is ready to defend against the troubles of the Yellow Group.  She says to take control and be strong.

AO is Your existing world and all that is in it. Its close proximity means your wish is at hand, a really good wish, one of earthly fulfillment.  Look to participate in a balanced, harmonious way with all you do.

HULA is the dancing energy.  It is a prayer.  It is a celebration.  It is fun.  It is sacred.  It is meeting similar energy, meeting new friends and celebrating with them.  It also represents permanent unions, such as marriages or partnerships.

When surrounded by other Rainbow cards and other happy cards, then the union will be a good one.  However, if there are many Yellow warning cards around then try to pay attention to those details before proceeding with your plans.

My Objective: Action

I read a comment by a friend of mine recently who said that she was looking to do more personal projects for herself (creatively speaking) because when she did personal projects it fueled her to do her other, more commissioned projects.

At first I thought that sounded exhausting, but then I thought it made sense. Action begets action. And when you do things you enjoy, for yourself, it feeds your energy level. If you don't do much of anything, you become an object at rest: stagnant. Even with blogging, I've noted that the less I blog, the less I feel like blogging. So I may begin blogging a bit more than I have. Instead of once or twice a week, maybe 3-4 times a week.

In the hopes of getting some momentum going I pulled a single card to post for today. Of course, I did lots of other readings with this deck recently, many of them very thought-provoking, and lots of repeat cards, but I decided to keep it simple. It drains the heck out of me to analyze a ton of cards on the blog. It's done so automatically when I'm looking at cards, but when I have to explain it to all of you it takes a lot of unnecessary blathering. :)

The card I got was Action. This made sense to me. It reminds me a lot of the Chariot. It even has to two different-toned horses like the Chariot does. But these horses are free. Well, there is a fence but I bet they have a pretty big area of pasture to run in, from the looks of things. I will go ahead and put a quote from the card here, just because I like to quote the text given with the card:

"This card upright indicates that you are on the right track, but your determined efforts must increase. The white horse is inner action of spirit and thought; the black is the outer work that still needs to be done. So continue taking action and trust your intuition. In time, you'll break through and see the results you've been working so hard to create."

Yeah. I mean, this makes sense to me. I've been very hesitant to take any specific action. It's only gotten worse! But, I did post something here about teaching recently (then I took it down because it sounded so tiring and I was wondering if it would just be 'blahhhh') and I suppose I should put it back up and try to follow through on some of these things. Unfortunately it's all too easy for me to slip into a molasses-filled swamp where nothing sounds interesting and I have minimal motivation to put to things. I guess, if I am being honest, sometimes I get fed up with the capricious, up and down nature of creativity and creative ventures in general. I get sick of rarely selling things, rarely making much of an impact. But when I say impact--I don't really want to be famous or anything creepy like that. I just want some steadiness of purpose, a steady stream of creativity and income, but it just doesn't always work that way! There are many pregnant pauses. There are fallow times. There are times where you don't make as many things. There are times when no one sees your creations. I don't know if I even care about that either...though I realize now that I do care about interacting with other people in some form.

I'm finding it hard to settle on a balance between interaction and alone time, even in a creative context. Do I go out there, set up a bunch of workshops for a minimal financial reward? Do I just say screw it all and get some part-time job somewhere and do art on the side? To be honest, neither option sounds that good to me. So maybe I should work harder on coming up with new and better options. There are plenty of them out there, if I am willing to look for them.

Wishing you all joy and momentum,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Woman Holding a Heart: Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello Loves,

I chose this card specifically to post on Valentine's Day, as I like seeing Valentine's Day as a general clarion call to love everyone-our friends, family and ourselves-and not just a holiday to sell candy and tacky romance. Not that there's anything wrong with a little tacky romance!

Anyway. Here is the affirmation listed for this card:

"I am emotionally calm and peaceful, and I attract healthy and stable people to me."

I think this is an interesting idea. I think that we figure we have little choice who comes into our lives. Sometimes it feels that way. But we can convey a sense of emotional stability, and also not suffer emotional blackmail or cruelty in our lives, unless we've chosen that, which I hope we haven't! We can be an example of healthy emotional exchange.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and I hope everyone is feeling love somewhere in their lives.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Three Card Teaching Reading: Planning and Fulfillment

I'm about to hop in the shower in preparation for errand-running and volunteering at my daughter's school, but I really wanted to post. It seems like a long, long time since I've posted! I'm so accustomed to posting daily, sometimes more, that it seems so foreign when I only do it once or twice a week! Anyway. I'm a little annoyed with the PicMonkey editor. I need to renew my membership so I get all of the features, and I am feeling kind of lazy so I just used an app on my phone rather than a physical deck. But anyhow.

This three card pull relates to my thoughts about teaching some workshops this spring and summer. Actually, I first thought of teaching last year, when my daughter went to school for the first time in the fall. However, I spent most of the year worrying about how my daughter was going to do in school and she didn't actually go to school until the fall, of course. So when it came time to visit the idea of teaching in 2013, it was really too late to do so very well. It was around that time of year when the holidays are starting (October-December), and the weather is turning colder, and everyone is busy and distracted, including me. I actually DID take the initiative anyway, researching places to possibly teach, considering various options. I visited the local museum/gallery and talked to one of the main head honchos of programs there about teaching classes but after contacting the person who coordinates the classes I received a reply (quite some time later) apologizing but that there were no teaching opportunities for me. I was, admittedly, a bit bummed that she didn't even bother to say, 'Maybe in the spring!' Or anything...nope. Nothing of the sort!

But at the same time it made sense to me.

Planning classes should be done well ahead of time. Often, especially in art centers, museums and the like, classes have to be planned months in advance. I know this because I taught classes 10 years ago, before my daughter was born. The downside to this, obviously, is planning several classes months in advance only to have most of them fall through. I experienced this for the couple odd years I attempted to teach art classes locally, with limited success. This was, I believe, largely due to many people not wanting to commit to 4-8week classes. I noted that even the people who signed up for classes would only show up for about half of them.

So that's where we come to my current idea! Not wanting to be bound by the financial and time-related constraints of teaching classes in an art center, where you have to do a hell of a lot of planning and brochure-printing months in advance, and you only get about half the money, I have decided to use a free venue (in this case, a local coffee shop with a large table that can be reserved) and only hold workshops. These 2-4 hour classes would only require a small commitment of time and money from the people attending.

I thought of this at the end of last year, when I casually spoke of the idea to a couple of my former students who I happened to run across at a holiday art show and sale. They seemed somewhat interested, but I didn't really feel it was something anyone cared much about. And I suppose I kind of let it slip my mind. When I ran into another former student recently I mentioned the idea and she seemed interested. Then it happened again, meeting someone I didn't know but who knew mutual friends that were former students. Then again. It happened maybe half a dozen times when I started thinking maybe I should follow through with my idea.

But...amazingly...I still didn't follow through. I posted a query on Facebook asking former students and current local friends if they had any interest in workshops of various topics, and several people replied. I guess I was feeling a bit gun shy. Finally again last night, after letting it lie for a couple more weeks, one of the participants in the discussion asked when/where this was going to be happening. Whoops. I guess I have to plan something for it to go ahead. I think that sometimes I don't realize that anything can happen if you give it the go ahead. Otherwise, not much will happen.

Sooo...the challenge here is for me to get over my teaching nerves (it's been 10+ years!) and just go for it. Set up a few workshops between March and September (while the weather is decent) and not sweat it. In any case, I'm more of a facilitator than I am a teacher. I do assist when I can, but I'm so casual of a teacher, it's really more of a peer relationship, like a group of women getting together to socialize in a creative context. And that's how I like it!

These three cards I pulled last night after getting the nudge from one of the friends commenting on the topic. They seem pretty positive overall. There's the 6 of Pentacles, which, oddly, is more like the 6 of Wands in this deck. Kinda. It seems less reserved. The image shows a man standing on a balcony looking over a path with trees on either side. Beneath him (though you can't see it in this picture) are the words, 'Material and Spiritual Prosperity'. I find this odd because normally I think of this card as 'give and take'. Plus this card confuses me because the colors of this deck for the minors are a bit odd. Red is the earth element and not the fire element, for instance.

Anyway. So the next cards are the 9 of Cups (Fulfillment of Wishes) and the 7 of Earth (Patience and Planning). To me this makes sense. If I actually plan the classes out and follow through with it, posting the information for interested parties, then I will get the fulfillment of my wish to teach workshops. Otherwise...well, I guess that won't happen. I have to be patient with the process of planning something out.

I guess this is a good way to use this mercury retrograde period. Working on setting up a project I've been thinking about for a long time. The workshops won't actually start until March and beyond, so this planning period this month will be necessary to disseminate information about the workshops and their various details. It feels weird but also right to return to teaching after 10 years. When I began I felt young and super nervous. I was in my early 20's and very new to it. Of course, I am still super nervous, so I don't think that has changed, but maybe the past 10 years have given me a perspective or appreciation of teaching that I didn't have before this point.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Financial Reading About a Business Venture

Lately, my husband and I have been throwing around an idea of having a business together. Now, I don't know if this is likely to happen, but with us both feeling aimless work potential wise, I thought it may not be such a bad idea. Granted, in this economy, it may not be very realistic. Also, I am pretty sure we could not match our current income in this way--it would be quite a stretch.

In any case, my husband, especially, has been latching onto the idea of doing a business. I am not as sure--I am finding that I value freedom over security in terms of ventures like this. I hate the thought of being stuck in something that provides our income. But my husband doesn't intend to quit his job and do this--he's far too practical for that. At most, he'll probably try to do it on the side and see if it makes much money. If it does, he might change jobs to something less demanding that probably doesn't pay as much, and then later assess whether it's worth it to try to do a full-time business.

Here are three cards I pulled on the subject. Vine is about needing to get more information. Sure enough--that's the part of the process my husband is in now. He has been looking up drop shipping, starting up an online biz and looking to see who is doing what and all of that. I have been far more skeptical about the process--as in--I'll believe it when I see it. My husband is an incredibly awesome guy and very smart, but he is often all thought and no action when it comes to things like this. He will, if he finally decides to do something, have good staying power, unlike me. I will start things and then jump out of them within a year or two, max. At least that seems to be my creative cycling time. It is most definitely a choice. I jump out of things on purpose.

Lately I've been feeling kinda bleh about things. I am not miserable, exactly, but I just feel like there's a missing piece of the puzzle--and it may very well be that I'm simply not appreciating where I am now. I may not be taking advantage of the time I have or I may not be seeing something more obvious that could be of help. I think, mostly, I just get cranky when things are up in the air, and then I assume everything kinda sucks because I can't see the process played out before me. I just see dead ends. That is a mental focus, a block. I know that I can change how I feel about where I am, and where I am in general. At present, I seem to be choosing a bit of a holding pattern for whatever reason. I know that, owing to impatience, this can't last long. So that's good!

Oh, wait. I need to finish interpreting the cards. Hah! Ok, so Wishbone is about a wish being granted. That's lovely! But I'm not entirely sure what I'm wishing for. Are you? Sometimes we don't even realize what we want. We think we know, but in the end, what we want is far simpler than what our grandiose selves want to want. Like, I probably value peace and quiet more than ambition or creative mojo. The creative mojo is fun for a time, and I find that it's important, but I don't think I could be one of those people who is busy 24/7 with some over-the-top, chaotic project. I like having times where I am doing less. At least, I think I do! I have to say that the 'Key' card is always great to see. The combination of the 'Wishbone' and 'Key' is really nice. Maybe a solution to this online business thing is forthcoming. It may be that more than one stream of income is important. Perhaps I can chip in with respect to this. Even if I don't make money with this specific venture, I can keep trying to do things here and there.

Anyway. This is more of a rant than anything. Like most things, I realize it's all transitory and that the most prevailing, helpful aspect is how I approach it, not the conditions of my life themselves. As life goes on, I find that looking deeper at my motivations is very important. I see that the basic building blocks of life are always there, just hidden under the insecurities and various gyrations, distractions--a panoply offered by existence.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for February 2014

**UPDATE** Well, this may or may not be relevant to the reading, but not long after posting this (an hour or two later?) I went to volunteer at my daughter's school and my daughter's teacher told me that her grandmother had suddenly become ill and looked to only have maybe a week left to live. I felt so badly for her because she is very close to her grandmother. Today she will miss most of school because she is going to be with her family. Of course, the reading could be referring to something else, or could be more than one thing, or it could just be bogus in general, but I immediately thought of the cards I pulled just an hour or two before hearing this sad news.

Seeing Monica post her January Tea Leaf Fortune Cards made me want to do one for February. Hah! Now I kinda wish I had stayed in hiding. Just kidding. Kinda. In any event, like most things, it isn't all bad. But there are things that concern me about this pull.

The obvious concerning card is the Weeping Willow. Family sorrow. Oy! Who needs that? Well, I guess you could say forewarned is forearmed. Because the Weeping Willow card connects to the Older Woman card it makes me think of a reading I got last fall where the reader said she saw an older lady not doing very well health-wise. This made me snap to either my husband's grandmother or my own grandmothers. In any case, it's best not to worry about things like this. Nothing very good can come from being stressed or fixated on such possibilities. It's something we have to guard against when reading tarot or doing divination in general.

On the upper level we have 'Tiger' and 'Chair'. Somehow I saw them as being connected. Taking a risk, connecting with new people in a new situation. This reminded me of a woman I met yesterday when I was out and about. I was eating at a Vietnamese restaurant and I struck up a conversation with her. Turns out we know some people mutually, and she is a yoga instructor. I've been considering taking some yoga, inspired partially by Siddaleah's experience, and since I did it years ago and then dropped the practice. I'm not saying I'm eager to do it. Far from it, that's why it would be more of a risk than a joyous adventure if you catch my drift. :)

Well. I am probably missing something but that's good enough for now. I'm relaxing a bit before going to do my Monday art class volunteering. I am glad to be able to help, even though it is a bit tiring. Well, back to my hiatus. For now, anyway!

Much Love,