Monday, February 17, 2014

A Loving Sentiment: Compassion for Oneself

I'm still very much enjoying this Energy Oracle app for my phone. The messages are very nicely worded and the images aren't bad, either.  I have been using it almost exclusively in recent days.

Earlier today, I pulled a single card for a dear friend of mine. I wanted an encouraging message to convey to her--something that would uplift her. The card she received was perfect! So, for this blog post, I decided to do the same thing for myself. I received the Angel of Love.

At first I was a little annoyed. I thought, 'What a lame and generic message!' But then I figured that I must have an issue with this topic because I'm so dismissive about it. How can you dismiss love, probably the most important thing in existence? This card speaks about romantic and also other forms of love, notably self love. I do think focusing on love rather than on other, less savory emotions, is a good way to go. A lot more gets resolved through love than it does through forcing and striving. Sometimes pushing through is helpful--but if it's done without love then it isn't worth very much!

I also noted something when I read the affirmation (see the image above); I tend to expect to be treated poorly, undervalued, or otherwise rejected. And why do I think this? Most likely it's because I undervalue and dismiss myself. Everything begins inside of our personal filter.

Much Love,


  1. The description says it clearly: Love and Value yourself.
    It sounds so easy but is still so difficult

  2. I agree, Ellen! It is something which needs frequent reminders. :)