Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Financial Reading About a Business Venture

Lately, my husband and I have been throwing around an idea of having a business together. Now, I don't know if this is likely to happen, but with us both feeling aimless work potential wise, I thought it may not be such a bad idea. Granted, in this economy, it may not be very realistic. Also, I am pretty sure we could not match our current income in this way--it would be quite a stretch.

In any case, my husband, especially, has been latching onto the idea of doing a business. I am not as sure--I am finding that I value freedom over security in terms of ventures like this. I hate the thought of being stuck in something that provides our income. But my husband doesn't intend to quit his job and do this--he's far too practical for that. At most, he'll probably try to do it on the side and see if it makes much money. If it does, he might change jobs to something less demanding that probably doesn't pay as much, and then later assess whether it's worth it to try to do a full-time business.

Here are three cards I pulled on the subject. Vine is about needing to get more information. Sure enough--that's the part of the process my husband is in now. He has been looking up drop shipping, starting up an online biz and looking to see who is doing what and all of that. I have been far more skeptical about the process--as in--I'll believe it when I see it. My husband is an incredibly awesome guy and very smart, but he is often all thought and no action when it comes to things like this. He will, if he finally decides to do something, have good staying power, unlike me. I will start things and then jump out of them within a year or two, max. At least that seems to be my creative cycling time. It is most definitely a choice. I jump out of things on purpose.

Lately I've been feeling kinda bleh about things. I am not miserable, exactly, but I just feel like there's a missing piece of the puzzle--and it may very well be that I'm simply not appreciating where I am now. I may not be taking advantage of the time I have or I may not be seeing something more obvious that could be of help. I think, mostly, I just get cranky when things are up in the air, and then I assume everything kinda sucks because I can't see the process played out before me. I just see dead ends. That is a mental focus, a block. I know that I can change how I feel about where I am, and where I am in general. At present, I seem to be choosing a bit of a holding pattern for whatever reason. I know that, owing to impatience, this can't last long. So that's good!

Oh, wait. I need to finish interpreting the cards. Hah! Ok, so Wishbone is about a wish being granted. That's lovely! But I'm not entirely sure what I'm wishing for. Are you? Sometimes we don't even realize what we want. We think we know, but in the end, what we want is far simpler than what our grandiose selves want to want. Like, I probably value peace and quiet more than ambition or creative mojo. The creative mojo is fun for a time, and I find that it's important, but I don't think I could be one of those people who is busy 24/7 with some over-the-top, chaotic project. I like having times where I am doing less. At least, I think I do! I have to say that the 'Key' card is always great to see. The combination of the 'Wishbone' and 'Key' is really nice. Maybe a solution to this online business thing is forthcoming. It may be that more than one stream of income is important. Perhaps I can chip in with respect to this. Even if I don't make money with this specific venture, I can keep trying to do things here and there.

Anyway. This is more of a rant than anything. Like most things, I realize it's all transitory and that the most prevailing, helpful aspect is how I approach it, not the conditions of my life themselves. As life goes on, I find that looking deeper at my motivations is very important. I see that the basic building blocks of life are always there, just hidden under the insecurities and various gyrations, distractions--a panoply offered by existence.



  1. Ha, that bit about not being sure what we really wish for is so often true! Or else, as is my case as a double Gemini, I wish for opposing things ;) Anyhow, it sounds like you can let the hubster drive forward with this, and hop on and help as and when, rather than having to make a decision right now. And maybe some of it will be synchronicity - finding the right info at the right time, and suddenly everything feels clear...
    Hugs, Cxxx

  2. Very good point. I agree. I do hope for some ease and synchronicity, as it's definitely something that requires a decent amount of risk. I do feel we've both been pretty 'stuck' lately. Sometimes taking a risk pays off a lot. It's hard to say, but I do try to follow my instincts.


  3. And yes...opposing instincts. Boy, do I know that! Want more freedom, but kinda want another child. Want creativity, but kind of want a more stable job...etc. Etc. Oy!!!