Saturday, February 15, 2014

Teaching Workshops Reading

Teaching Workshops Reading

Using Message for Today and Hawai'ian AUMAKUA Cards

MM's note: I pulled these three cards via the My Divination site. The reading is about teaching art workshops. The reading seems fun and positive, and suggests activity. Red cards are warm and active, not unlike the fire suit. My daughter's name (Pele!) even showed up here, although in this capacity it mentions creative energy as well as action. I highlighted the phrases in red which I felt summarized the meaning of the card. This trio seems to be a further confirmation of the 'take action' cards I've been getting of late.

PELE is the well-known and respected goddess of volcanoes.  She is full of creative energy.  When she appears near the AUMAKUA, it means to take action now.  Lava is never stopped by man-made things.  Get in sync with your own fire forces; feel your warmth; heal from within.  Be aware of the temperature of others (are they hot under the collar, are they steaming, and are you alert to their smoke signals?). PELE means activity and empowerment.

If surrounded by many other Red cards, then immediate action is indicated.  She will empower and strength and ALI'I.  The cool Blues, like the surrounding ocean will contain her energy.  The Green cards will grow and nurture, like the jungle puts down roots into the lava, bringing in more prosperity.  She is ready to defend against the troubles of the Yellow Group.  She says to take control and be strong.

AO is Your existing world and all that is in it. Its close proximity means your wish is at hand, a really good wish, one of earthly fulfillment.  Look to participate in a balanced, harmonious way with all you do.

HULA is the dancing energy.  It is a prayer.  It is a celebration.  It is fun.  It is sacred.  It is meeting similar energy, meeting new friends and celebrating with them.  It also represents permanent unions, such as marriages or partnerships.

When surrounded by other Rainbow cards and other happy cards, then the union will be a good one.  However, if there are many Yellow warning cards around then try to pay attention to those details before proceeding with your plans.

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