Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Box from the Universe: Birthday Gifts

I wanted to take another short blog hiatus, this time about a week, but before doing so I wanted to post a single card draw using the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Despite its occasional cringe-worthy bluntness, I find its messages very on point.

This week is my birthday week, with my birthday happening on Thursday. I'll be celebrating my 35th year. I've had a busy, social month. I'm happy that I got to visit with my family and friends, but I also feel rather tired. Again, I feel very grateful. I do feel loved and appreciated to a large extent. There are really very few things that I feel sore about right now.

Anyway, the card I received for my hiatus post is Box. This card is just about receiving a gift of some sort. The box obscures the gift itself...it's a surprise! Well, this is one of those specific yet also general cards. Yes, I will get gifts. It's my birthday! I know my parents always spoil me, which I am thankful for, and my husband usually gets me something even though I told him he does not need to. And I know a close local friend is bringing me a gift of an art print by her husband tomorrow when we meet over coffee. So, I definitely can confirm that this reading is true.

There are many gifts that I receive on a daily basis that are less literal but no less important. The gifts of health, family, friendship, creative opportunities and contacts, life itself.

Lots of Love and See Y'all on April 1st,

Follow-up Creative Venture Reading

I decided to do a one sentence interpretation of this career/creative venture reading I did. I asked about this topic, and it seems like the reading responded directly to my query in this fashion:

"Duh. Do the work and you'll get a solution, a job, whatever you want."


Monday, March 24, 2014

A Confidence Bolstering Work Reading

Here is a trio of mini readings I did yesterday using the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I definitely saw a work and money theme, and I didn't even really ask about it. Well, maybe a little. I did have it in my mind, but I have been trying not to force anything. I think a lot of the issue, and perhaps all of the issue, comes in when my mind gets overly involved in an anxious way. I begin to self-sabotage, or else I become impatient and intolerant of the learning process and waiting game involved in trying to engage in some kind of creative venture. I get fed up. You guys know how it is...I know you do!

Anyway. Presently, I am really in a kind of pause. I am not actively doing anything creatively, but I am in the middle space where I'm gearing up for the workshops I'll be teaching over the spring and summer, and I'm also keeping my mind and eyes open for opportunities that fit my life. The first workshop is in April, but these workshops are just once a month for a few hours. This is one part of what I may be doing this year. It isn't enough, probably, to sustain me creatively for the duration.

At the moment, I feel rather low energy and headachey after a tiring but social spring break for my daughter. My husband took the week off and I really wish it had been more restful, but we had a lot of visiting to do. I'm glad we did it, but I do feel pretty drained.

Much Love,

Baby News Trio

Here's a trio that, to me, looks like news of a baby. It likely would not be me (my husband had a vasectomy a couple of years ago), but perhaps someone in my family? I know two of my cousins are pregnant and due late this summer, and I know a few other pregnant people, but this seems more personal--maybe a sibling or someone else.

Of course, I could very well be misinterpreting the reading. I know crib doesn't necessarily mean baby, but in all the readings I've received this in, it always has meant a literal baby. Not to mention, in the past few days, including this reading, I've had a few readings talking about babies and pregnancy. So I'm guessing that is a theme. Again, I don't expect it to be me, especially given that I'm on my period and we're fixed, but anyway. Readings can be very literal but they aren't necessarily.

So, I'll try to update this one.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Play: Enjoy Your Life

Here is a card I pulled from the app I got for my phone a bit ago called 'My Spiritual Reading Cards' by Sylvia Browne.

I don't know why I got this app because, to be honest, it didn't seem that amazing, but there are some cards that are really nice in it. I think all of us tarot-philes will read with any deck out there, just because we like trying things, but I could be wrong about that.

So, today's message is a repeat message. I pulled a handful of cards today, and twice I received cards about playing and child-like, joyful behavior as a recommendation. I don't know why, but these sorts of messages tend to annoy me. I don't even remember liking being a child. I was always anxious, phobia-ridden and the like. But when I think about it, I was also more spontaneous. Perhaps glossing over the whole 'enjoy your life like a child would' thing is something that is important to explore. I think the things we love as well as the things that persistently bother us are both things that we need to work on.

One major complaint about this app that I have is that the image quality is very low. Super grainy, even in a small size. Even the text is grainy. So I did a sort of misty treatment to the card and pasted over the super grainy text with a re-typed version of what the text said. I like this better, though it isn't amazing.  In ANY EVENT. My challenge is to try to relax and let go of the silly burdens and worries of adulthood.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Healing Begins: Improving and Releasing

I pulled this card late yesterday evening, and I feel really drawn to it. This is the Six of Swords in traditional tarot. This deck is sometimes hard to recognize as Rider-Waite-esque, but I like that. It makes it thought-provoking. Plus the images are so emotional, colorful and dynamic. They draw you in. Don't you think? The fact that this deck centers on relationships of all kinds isn't really prohibitive in its day to day use. When you think about it, everything involves an interaction and a relationship--whether it's with others or yourself.

So, the traditional meaning of improvement and calmer sailing still come into play with this card, but it's more emotional, almost more cupsy. Maybe, again, because it's a relationship deck, but I don't think so. I think the deck is very emotional in and of itself, which actually works well with my personality. It's relate-able.

I feel this is relevant. I've noticed over the past five years, especially, since struggling a bit personally and as a parent, that I have shut down in some ways. Recently, I noted an increase in cards telling me to take chances, open up and move forward. But I admit my tendency was to mostly ignore those messages and very good advice. You guys know what I mean when I say I agree with the advice but kind of ignore it anyway? We all do this sometimes, but when I get on a prolonged stint of ignoring good advice I know it's time to move onward and upward.

This is the call to do so. I had a nice chat with a close friend last night, where I admitted I felt uncomfortable talking about myself, even somewhat basic fears! It's funny, but I have become intensely self-conscious in recent years. I know it's a wall, a shell built up from stressful experiences, some of them possibly PTSD-ish, and some just simple life experience fears. I know we all develop defenses based on our negative experiences, but there does come a time where so many of these defenses queue up and we don't have room in our lives (or the inclination) for growth--we start to stifle our own forward motion. That is what I have been doing, I think.

"This is a time of healing, a time to let go of past issues and move steadily forward. Better times are just around the corner."
I think this is more than improvement, more than better times ahead. I think this is more about a mindset. This is the air sign suit, the suit of the mind, so I think the reminder is to allow for things to get better, and to jump in that boat headed to the future, even if you are still clinging to the shore. Even if the journey is a bit rough, it's worth taking.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shine: Choosing Happiness

I've been doing a thing called 100 Days of Happiness, where you post something every day that makes you happy for 100 days. This is nice because it reminds you to change your focus, not unlike yesterday's post with the 5 of Cups, which asks us not to dwell on disappointment.

I love the display of color on this card. And the arms outstretched, showing openness. Being happy is a kind of joyful vulnerability. In staying closed down and pessimistic, you try to erect walls to protect yourself, but in truth it does nothing. Nothing good, anyway! The thing that happens is you stop seeing good things. You expect bad things, and when bad things happen, you nod your head sagely and say, 'See! I told you everything sucked.' It's just a perspective, a focus.

That's about all I have to say for now. I just wanted to share this image and quote with y'all.


Monday, March 10, 2014

A Great Reminder: Change Your Focus

Excuse the mediocre editing job on this card--I don't feel like being perfect today. Hee.

Here is this deck's equivalent to the 5 of Cups. I think this is a lovely version of this card. Not just visually but description-wise. So far I have not been disappointed by these cards! There is a lot less cheesiness than many decks, but plenty of depth, and very nice artwork.

Anyway, anything that reminds us to focus on the good and productive things in our lives and not on the sad, draining and empty parts of our lives is good in my book. Then again, I don't mean that we shouldn't grieve or ever feel bad or worry. Those feelings are going to come up and it would be wrong to ignore them, but I think this card is about not dwelling on them. I do tend to dwell on and dread things, so will take the reminder to heart.


Reach Out: Teamwork in Projects

Here's a card I pulled last night when I was feeling ungrounded and anxious. I think I have a lot of subterranean anxiety regarding offering workshops, and about putting myself out there creatively. I always put so much stress and anxiety behind and it and, invariably, I end up doing badly because (I suspect) I am approaching things from a very stressed out, limited and negative place.

Today's card suggests that reaching out to others, accepting help, engaging in teamwork, will be integral to my feeling good about the projects I'm working on. Success is more about how you feel than about the specific situation you're in. The perception you have is a big part of it. And if I feel alone, struggling, afraid of the money side, or whatever else...I am guessing that will color my experience. I like that this card challenges my perception of thinking I need to figure out, launch and deal with everything on my own. This is the 3 of Pentacles, by the way. Hehe. It took me a while to figure that out.

So, I will try to keep this in mind as I move forward, accepting cooperative efforts along the way.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Insecurity Surrounding Money

Here's a duo of cards I pulled this evening, and it did make sense to me! The Base Chakra deals with survival issues, money, security, etc. The Devil is about money, materialism, sometimes greed. etc. Recently, I spent a butt load of money on supplies for my bath and body stuff, and unfortunately I don't know if I'm going to get that money back. It is frustrating to me, as I love making things, but often struggle selling them for many reasons. And, I kinda wish I didn't have to sell them if that makes any sense. I am torn on this topic.

Perhaps I need to have a lighter approach to finances in general. I seem to have a lot of anxiety around finances. I see my bank balance drop and it panics me. In the meantime, before I develop a healthier plan and attitude toward finances and saving, I am going to try to relax and also not spend much money if possible. I've gotten what I needed to get (and more!) and so I'm going to try to stop the spending now and not invest more money in something that isn't really making any money.

I have some nerves due to the upcoming workshops, and I wonder again if this will be yet another venture that I spend money planning for and hosting, and get very little back from it, including minimal sign-ups! That was the experience I had with it the last time I taught, 8-10 years ago. Oye. I just feel frustrated. So, I guess these cards express the darker and more basic side of my fear and frustration. I am going to try to latch onto the positive side of things, but also be mindful of what seems appropriate to do in the moment.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Visuals from Psychic Tarot for the Heart

Find Balance: Juggling Tasks

Here is a card I got twice in the past day. I was looking for something current in my life to focus on. We have the 2 of Pentacles here, otherwise titled 'Find Balance'. I like this card's description. And I feel this makes sense for this month. There are lots of little things I have going on--planning creative endeavors, planning social visits, helping volunteer at my daughter's school and an added task of helping with the school play for my daughter's class, meeting up with family, having birthday get-togethers. There's a lot of things in the air, and some logistical things to work out.

There is an interesting point in here about being a mediator. I don't know if this is the case, but I do know I've done quite a few mini readings for friends who are having stressful situations in their lives, so this has already proved true--if you consider mediation part of tarot reading, which I do. You're relaying information to help mitigate difficulty in a person's life. Ideally. :)


Friday, March 7, 2014

Open Up: Releasing and Allowing

Since I loved the Psychic Tarot app so much I decided to get the Psychic Tarot for the Heart app. I love it. Great visuals, very good descriptions. Similar in style as the other one--it seems the same person illustrated this. I love it.

Today's card is Open Up. I think this goes really well with my other post today of Easy Does It. They both seem to recommend relaxation and allowing. There is a kind of mellowness about this and the other card I received. It feels warm and inviting.

Sending you all love,

Easy Does It! Staying in the Flow

Here is a recent repeat card. I pulled it yesterday then again today, using my Magical Messages from the Faeries App. It seems there's this repeat message of staying in the flow. I was just listening to something about this on a radio show. When you're out of the flow you try really hard to get things to work in a certain way, not realizing that when you're in overly analytical mode, you are often already off course, and away from the flow. I thought about it for a while and realized I could relate to what was said. So I'm going to attempt to stay in the flow, being more relaxed and trusting than usual, which should be a big leap for me, but I'll do my best!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Taking the Plunge: Teaching Workshops

So, I finally stopped dithering and set dates and times for four workshops held in a local coffee shop. I then posted this on Facebook so I had the accountability of following through. I already have several sign-ups! All four classes have at least one person in them, thanks to lovely creative friends. I look forward to doing this workshop for/with them. I need to remember the main focus which is having fun and making things. I don't have to provide anything too intense so long as I explain what we're doing and facilitate things, bring materials, etc. I don't need to be a hero! Hahaa. My plan is to do all four, as long as there are at least two sign-ups per workshop.

Really, I think it'll be fun. When I first started teaching classes about 11 years ago I was always, always nervous, but it went well 98% of the time. Even with my inexperience, the students/participants were always gracious and friendly. I can only think of one student or maybe two (in one case a nervous man, and in another case a woman who was very clingy). But nearly everyone has been super supportive and responsive when I've taught. I really don't see it as teaching so much as witnessing other people as they create. But that's pretty cool.

Love to y'all,

Wordless Wednesday: Charming Computer Room

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hathor: Gracious Receiving

Here's a card I pulled last night. I like this card, but the image kinda makes me giggle. Nice...nipple fountain? But I suppose the metaphor of nurturing, giving love and sustenance from your breasts makes sense, considering breasts are used to feed and nurture young.

This card is similar to the high priestess (see the moon-esque headdress on the Hathor figure?), and a bit like the Empress, too. It has the added meaning of allowing and receiving. Instead of just giving, us moms, wives and women in general need to allow ourselves to receive. And not just receive, but GRACIOUSLY receive. Do you know those women who say, 'Oh, no, I can't charge you for that.' Or who refuse to let you pay for them, etc? Well, I think all of us are like that at times. Some more than others.

Sometimes I find myself refusing assistance. Other times I feel more able to receive. But even if I allow the gift, sometimes I still feel guilty about it. Why burden the joy of a gift with guilt? Especially when I do try to make a point to give to others and make them feel happy? We need to open up to the gifts of others.

These are all very good things to remember. The give and take of life--the balance therein is an important one. Don't deplete yourselves, dears! Allow yourself to receive.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Six of Wands: Stop Chasing Recognition, Start Savoring Now

Here is a card I received recently. I'm not entirely sure what it refers to, except I've had a couple minor things in motion (mostly stuff I've already done or have been going on for some time), but this card is usually more triumphant. I don't know. Maybe I am wrong. Does anyone else notice this about this card? It's more of a public recognition of some sort. It's slightly less subtle than some of the other 'good news' cards. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. Hehe.

I think one thing I've been successful at, if you can call it that, is being less success-oriented. I'm trying to make it more my motto to enjoy the journey and not just grasp onto the future. I read Siddaleah's blog post, and her point about making yourself happy HERE and NOW is a hugely important one.  I told my husband recently that I was tired of always looking for the NEXT BIG THING. Then I commented on how I found that practice quite pointless and tiring. And invalidating. I think artists are especially prone to this trap because we rarely get much financial recognition for what we do.

Sharyn remarked to me that building on who we are and have already been is very valuable. Trying to find that perfect fix in terms of a creative venture or outlet is not really going to happen. You may have some really good runs (not diarrhea, but creative stints), but you aren't going to find THE THING. Life is just a series of 'THINGS' and if we can't enjoy what is happening now, then what makes us think we'll enjoy what happens when the next 'THING' comes up?  Anyway. So my motto is to be in the flow. My word of harmony for the year is still applicable. I am trying to find that harmony and balance within myself, in each and every moment.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vacation Planning for March

It has become something of a tradition to take mini trips during my birthday month. We can't really go very far right now, distance-wise, but we try to take little day trips that cost less money and are more convenient. So, I wasn't too surprised to see this card yesterday evening, since we had just booked a hotel for two days a couple hours prior.

Later this month, I'm visiting three of my friends in one city who live a couple of hours away. Rather than drive four hours in one day, or even stay one night, we're taking a family trip and staying two nights at a hotel with a nice pool where my husband and daughter can swim. My daughter is especially thrilled about it, and my husband seems to enjoy it, too. I get to visit with my friends while they hang out, swim and figure out other local activities that are kid-friendly.

I also plan to visit with my siblings, hopefully, as a couple of them have spring break from school; one of them is a professor and has most of the month off in March for the spring break, and another is going to school nearby and has a week off--though I actually think it's not until a week or so after my daughter's spring break. Anyyyyway. We plan to visit with my older sis and her baby and husband one of those days, and I might also visit a friend in Wyoming, too. So there are several ideas for little day and stay-cations floating around. In the midst of that, I tend to have a traditional shared birthday party with my dad.

The image on this card always amuses me. This fairy looks snobby/pissed/bored with her parrot companion. Don't let that happen to you! ;)


Saturday, March 1, 2014

MM's March Reading Special

It's the first day of March and just so I don't neglect my website, I am offering a four card reading special for $14.

I am feeling a bit under the weather this first day of March, but a little rest and relaxation will hopefully do the trick and make me feel more alive.

I hope all of you have a most wonderful month of March. March is my birthday month and carries a positive meaning because of that. I am going to try to make this a positive month and year in general. Happy 35th to me! And, of course, happy birthday to all my fellow March birthday folk.

Lots of Love,