Monday, March 24, 2014

A Confidence Bolstering Work Reading

Here is a trio of mini readings I did yesterday using the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I definitely saw a work and money theme, and I didn't even really ask about it. Well, maybe a little. I did have it in my mind, but I have been trying not to force anything. I think a lot of the issue, and perhaps all of the issue, comes in when my mind gets overly involved in an anxious way. I begin to self-sabotage, or else I become impatient and intolerant of the learning process and waiting game involved in trying to engage in some kind of creative venture. I get fed up. You guys know how it is...I know you do!

Anyway. Presently, I am really in a kind of pause. I am not actively doing anything creatively, but I am in the middle space where I'm gearing up for the workshops I'll be teaching over the spring and summer, and I'm also keeping my mind and eyes open for opportunities that fit my life. The first workshop is in April, but these workshops are just once a month for a few hours. This is one part of what I may be doing this year. It isn't enough, probably, to sustain me creatively for the duration.

At the moment, I feel rather low energy and headachey after a tiring but social spring break for my daughter. My husband took the week off and I really wish it had been more restful, but we had a lot of visiting to do. I'm glad we did it, but I do feel pretty drained.

Much Love,


  1. What a nice and exciting reading! Who knows what opportunities might arise from the workshops? You'll be meeting new people who share an interest. Good things can come of that.

    1. It could be. I'm trying not to get too hyped up over anything. My goals recently are more to see what pulls me, then work on that, but don't put a strangle hold on it. I find that if I throw all my expectations into something it tends to kill it. I have to have a light grip on things. Do you know what I mean? Hehe. I'll just be glad if the things I have planned go reasonably well. I just need to stay in tune...