Monday, March 10, 2014

A Great Reminder: Change Your Focus

Excuse the mediocre editing job on this card--I don't feel like being perfect today. Hee.

Here is this deck's equivalent to the 5 of Cups. I think this is a lovely version of this card. Not just visually but description-wise. So far I have not been disappointed by these cards! There is a lot less cheesiness than many decks, but plenty of depth, and very nice artwork.

Anyway, anything that reminds us to focus on the good and productive things in our lives and not on the sad, draining and empty parts of our lives is good in my book. Then again, I don't mean that we shouldn't grieve or ever feel bad or worry. Those feelings are going to come up and it would be wrong to ignore them, but I think this card is about not dwelling on them. I do tend to dwell on and dread things, so will take the reminder to heart.



  1. "or you regret decisions you made,..." Yeah, like everything I ate after 8 pm last night. Ha! Changing my focus right now. ;-)

    1. Hehee. Good example! We all do it. :) XO

  2. That is an interesting take on the Five of Cups. Though, without knowing what it is, it would be a bit hard to guess…

    Hmm, I think this is a good message for me today. I've been focusing on what hasn't happened that I want to happen. There're lots of others things I could focus on, so I will :D

    1. Yeah, I like this deck's unusual takes on things. Sometimes the colors of the suits confuse me, which I don't love, but I'm getting used to it. I have both the Psychic Tarot and Psychic Tarot for the Heart apps on my phone, so it is more familiar to me now. :D Glad you are finding some good foci!