Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Healing Begins: Improving and Releasing

I pulled this card late yesterday evening, and I feel really drawn to it. This is the Six of Swords in traditional tarot. This deck is sometimes hard to recognize as Rider-Waite-esque, but I like that. It makes it thought-provoking. Plus the images are so emotional, colorful and dynamic. They draw you in. Don't you think? The fact that this deck centers on relationships of all kinds isn't really prohibitive in its day to day use. When you think about it, everything involves an interaction and a relationship--whether it's with others or yourself.

So, the traditional meaning of improvement and calmer sailing still come into play with this card, but it's more emotional, almost more cupsy. Maybe, again, because it's a relationship deck, but I don't think so. I think the deck is very emotional in and of itself, which actually works well with my personality. It's relate-able.

I feel this is relevant. I've noticed over the past five years, especially, since struggling a bit personally and as a parent, that I have shut down in some ways. Recently, I noted an increase in cards telling me to take chances, open up and move forward. But I admit my tendency was to mostly ignore those messages and very good advice. You guys know what I mean when I say I agree with the advice but kind of ignore it anyway? We all do this sometimes, but when I get on a prolonged stint of ignoring good advice I know it's time to move onward and upward.

This is the call to do so. I had a nice chat with a close friend last night, where I admitted I felt uncomfortable talking about myself, even somewhat basic fears! It's funny, but I have become intensely self-conscious in recent years. I know it's a wall, a shell built up from stressful experiences, some of them possibly PTSD-ish, and some just simple life experience fears. I know we all develop defenses based on our negative experiences, but there does come a time where so many of these defenses queue up and we don't have room in our lives (or the inclination) for growth--we start to stifle our own forward motion. That is what I have been doing, I think.

"This is a time of healing, a time to let go of past issues and move steadily forward. Better times are just around the corner."
I think this is more than improvement, more than better times ahead. I think this is more about a mindset. This is the air sign suit, the suit of the mind, so I think the reminder is to allow for things to get better, and to jump in that boat headed to the future, even if you are still clinging to the shore. Even if the journey is a bit rough, it's worth taking.



  1. "You guys know what I mean when I say I agree with the advice but kind of ignore it anyway?" Un, yeah. I do this only once in a great ALL THE TIME. lol I'm doing it right now. This is a good card and great message, another one I'll embrace for myself (and maybe ignore for a few days. lol)

    1. Yep!!! Haha. I bet if we all admitted to it we would see how common it is. :)