Sunday, March 9, 2014

Insecurity Surrounding Money

Here's a duo of cards I pulled this evening, and it did make sense to me! The Base Chakra deals with survival issues, money, security, etc. The Devil is about money, materialism, sometimes greed. etc. Recently, I spent a butt load of money on supplies for my bath and body stuff, and unfortunately I don't know if I'm going to get that money back. It is frustrating to me, as I love making things, but often struggle selling them for many reasons. And, I kinda wish I didn't have to sell them if that makes any sense. I am torn on this topic.

Perhaps I need to have a lighter approach to finances in general. I seem to have a lot of anxiety around finances. I see my bank balance drop and it panics me. In the meantime, before I develop a healthier plan and attitude toward finances and saving, I am going to try to relax and also not spend much money if possible. I've gotten what I needed to get (and more!) and so I'm going to try to stop the spending now and not invest more money in something that isn't really making any money.

I have some nerves due to the upcoming workshops, and I wonder again if this will be yet another venture that I spend money planning for and hosting, and get very little back from it, including minimal sign-ups! That was the experience I had with it the last time I taught, 8-10 years ago. Oye. I just feel frustrated. So, I guess these cards express the darker and more basic side of my fear and frustration. I am going to try to latch onto the positive side of things, but also be mindful of what seems appropriate to do in the moment.



  1. Hi MM,
    Interesting cards to draw together! I notice the way he seems to have his heart locked away. Makes me think of your generosity, and how that plays into you not liking to sell things. And yet, just being the creative person you are is already an act of generosity towards life, doesn't mean that what you create should be given away for free!

    1. Yes...I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm terrified of receiving! I'm terrified of marketing myself, having to deal with the financial end of things, of having to be practical and a hard ass. Hahaa! But really. I think I need to open up to the idea that the gift is making something and it's a gift to receive graciously and accept payment. Thanks for the good words. I think I also need to be more practical in terms of budgets with selling things. That is another part of it. Much Love!