Monday, March 10, 2014

Reach Out: Teamwork in Projects

Here's a card I pulled last night when I was feeling ungrounded and anxious. I think I have a lot of subterranean anxiety regarding offering workshops, and about putting myself out there creatively. I always put so much stress and anxiety behind and it and, invariably, I end up doing badly because (I suspect) I am approaching things from a very stressed out, limited and negative place.

Today's card suggests that reaching out to others, accepting help, engaging in teamwork, will be integral to my feeling good about the projects I'm working on. Success is more about how you feel than about the specific situation you're in. The perception you have is a big part of it. And if I feel alone, struggling, afraid of the money side, or whatever else...I am guessing that will color my experience. I like that this card challenges my perception of thinking I need to figure out, launch and deal with everything on my own. This is the 3 of Pentacles, by the way. Hehe. It took me a while to figure that out.

So, I will try to keep this in mind as I move forward, accepting cooperative efforts along the way.



  1. We all get like this, Hannah.

    Firstly, we jump in and feel great for doing so. We congratulate our self for our bravery. But when that wears off, we start worrying about the finer parts and start to ask our self 'Are you sure you can do this?'.

    I've had this with public tarot reading and teaching and selling my bags. My overactive brain almost says 'pack it all in and the bad feelings will go away .. tell yourself that will be ok and don't be hard on yourself .. you'll find something else to do that's more appropriate'.

    Firstly, I think that people like you and I will always approach things like this in the same way, whatever it is. And secondly, I know that the shittier and more worrying the thing is, the EVEN BETTER you will feel after you've done it.

    Try your best to keep the costs down. Make your workshops based around junk if you have to. Get people to bring their own rubbish and turn it into beautiful works of art (or at least something which they learn from). Make sculptures, collages, customise clothes. Art and imagination doesn't have to cost the earth. Actually, I think the results are often a lot better when it doesn't.

    Try not to get anxious, my friend. There is a reason why you are doing this. Because many times, your soul calls out for you to again and again. You've mentioned workshops and teaching and creative pursuits a lot here. You need this. And you CAN do it! Rome wasn't built in a day and it may take time to make good money or a good following, but we've all got to start somewhere.

  2. are so right, dear sir! Thanks again for your firsthand perspective. I agree that highly sensitive 'artsy' folks like us tend to be especially petrified of putting ourselves out there, but there is no getting around it. Ooooooyyy!!!! Thanks for the reinforcement!!!


  3. You're welcome .. as long as it helps you to be encouraged. I would hate you to feel bullied into doing things by my comments.

    I think I understand you after these years on here and we are alike in many ways. However difficult a lot of these endeavours are, I know they are things both of us really need to make us feel whole.

    1. Absolutely it helps. I always feel supported and validated when you post with your experiences and comforting words. Thank you! No, I don't feel your comments are bullying in the least! I also know, from reading your blog, that you empathize with this struggle between venturing out and staying close to home with your creativity.