Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Taking the Plunge: Teaching Workshops

So, I finally stopped dithering and set dates and times for four workshops held in a local coffee shop. I then posted this on Facebook so I had the accountability of following through. I already have several sign-ups! All four classes have at least one person in them, thanks to lovely creative friends. I look forward to doing this workshop for/with them. I need to remember the main focus which is having fun and making things. I don't have to provide anything too intense so long as I explain what we're doing and facilitate things, bring materials, etc. I don't need to be a hero! Hahaa. My plan is to do all four, as long as there are at least two sign-ups per workshop.

Really, I think it'll be fun. When I first started teaching classes about 11 years ago I was always, always nervous, but it went well 98% of the time. Even with my inexperience, the students/participants were always gracious and friendly. I can only think of one student or maybe two (in one case a nervous man, and in another case a woman who was very clingy). But nearly everyone has been super supportive and responsive when I've taught. I really don't see it as teaching so much as witnessing other people as they create. But that's pretty cool.

Love to y'all,


  1. This really is such a wonderful thing to wake up and read ...

    I bet you feel really good now. Nervous, but really good!

    If you start to feel doubt, just remember it is your bad ego trying to unsteady you. Don't listen to it. Giving this a go will do you the power of good. Don't worry so much about the outcome for now, like you said the other day. It's the taking part that is important.

    So pleased for you, Hannah :)

    1. Oh thank you, dear prince!

      You are always, and unfailingly, so supportive and wise in these matters.

      Thanks a billion. I do feel it is a very good thing overall. I do feel nervous and doubtful at times, hence the dithering, but there truly is something magical about taking the plunge.

      I am trying to ignore the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee, loud as it may be at times. I sure hope you are, too!! It helps a ton that most of my class participants tend to be people I know and really enjoy. :)

      Sending creative flow and joy,

  2. "Itty Bitty Shitty Committee"

    I let out a large gaffaw at that, haha.

    Maybe you should make a piece of art, showing the IBSC and place it somewhere close, so you can put your finger up at it whenever it starts to attack?

    You are more than welcome. You know, it is always easier to advise someone else, rather than yourself. My IBSC raises it's head a lot but the only way to keep it in check is to ignore it and keep striving forward. Every little step is one close further on your path, however big or small. I feel a bit despondent today, but I know that covering myself up, quitting, or trying to convince myself that I should do something else only makes me feel crappier in the long run!

    1. Hehe--I can't take credit for that one. I heard it from a life coach named Jennifer Grace and I think she heard it from someone else. :D Great, isn't it?

      Which finger? My middle finger? :D Haha.

      It're right. We have lots of blind spots when it comes to our stresses and fears. It's human nature! I've been inspired many times by reading your blog about your creative adventures, your up and downs. It just shows that we all have stresses and fears, but we also have fun, and triumphant action. Wishing you well this month--it's almost your b-day!!


  3. Yay for you! This sounds like such a cool thing, and I think your confidence in yourself will grow by leaps and bounds!

  4. I think it's wonderful you've set the dates, and already have sign-ups! As you say, just being there and encouraging people to create is a joy :)