Sunday, April 27, 2014

Crazy Fool

I recently purchased this rather affordable ($5) app by Sonia Choquette recently. The concept of the deck is pretty cute. Every single card is a fool. The Fool's Wisdom Oracle Cards is a charming deck, and even though I admit I am not a huge fan of the artwork, I actually like the card meanings and various versions of the fool. I've found them to be very accurate as a reading deck, as many unusual decks are.

This particular card is about really being in touch with yourself and what you want, and that it should be your top priority, not other things. There is a message of being overstimulated and run over by outside ideas of what you should do. I really like this line to sum up its meaning:

"You're in a temporary state of madness, aggravated by the stirring up of unhealed wounds from the past colliding with too much stimulation from the outer world in the present."

That is funny! Interestingly, I have very much been feeling like that this week. For some reason I felt like a lot of emotional triggers got stirred up in the past week, coming from various sources, but ultimately the source of all of them was within me. This is a great clarion call to go back to center and honor that part of you that feels vulnerable and agitated. Recognizing this, I decided to keep things simple this week, after feeling increasingly tense.

There is specific information in the card about being in a triggered state where you either lash out at others, feel depressed and worthless, run away via addictive behaviors (food, alcohol, whatnot), etc. I have found myself a bit cranky and accusing toward people this past week and I am not proud of that, but at the same time...isn't it true that we can't go through life without airing some of these things, even if we feel a little crazy at the time for doing so? This card honors that feeling of craziness and grounds it in a restful place where we can restore our equilibrium.

In any case, I recommend this app if it is available for your phone. For the most part, the advice is very practical and there is not as much of the usual preachiness here, though there is a little bit, and you can gloss over that. It's a great deck to pull a card to think about for the day.

Much Love,

p.s. I came out of my writing hiatus early just because...

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