Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Full Moon Focus: Movement and Flow

I decided to pull a single card using the Earth Magic Oracle Cards App I have on my phone. I really dig this app because the images are so compelling, crisp and a great springboard for intuition. The descriptions are also quite thorough and thought-provoking.

In particular, seeing this river image can do a couple different things for me. When viewed through a lens of fear, I could see myself hurtling down a fast-moving river with zero control, grasping reeds as I go past, trying to stop the movement, or I can lazily float down on an inner tube, allowing the river to carry me. I know! Super cliche, but it works! Great metaphor.

I have been known to fight the flow of my life on too many occasions. As I've often told my husband, I will get an impulse to do something, throw myself into it, only to quickly go back into my shell, scamper back to safety, to my little cave or sequestered hut, away from the influence of others or from any sort of risk. Two steps forward, two steps back.

To be specific, I decided to teach four workshops this spring/summer at a local coffee shop. There is one per month and all of the workshops center around very low key, relaxation-based topics that require little to no art experience. For some reason I really gravitate toward art that requires more relaxation and flow than technique or talent. I find that the hardest thing I had to do in teaching (when I taught 8-10 years ago), was trying to get the students to relax. There was so much self-judgement involved in the creation of art pieces and so little trust in the process. And so, I feel this lead me to a path of teaching in a way that opened up the possibilities, made the process less precise and more intuitive. In effect, I feel like I combined my love of intuition with my tendency toward creativity.

In truth, I get really nervous teaching classes or workshops. I've done it before and every time I get consumed by fear. Even with this class this coming Saturday, the 19th, I feel myself clenching up. But it's humorous considering the class is supposed to be very low maintenance. Plus, there will only be a few people there. It will be small, intimate and low pressure. This just goes to show that the real pressure in a person's life comes from the inside. I know what you're thinking, though...there are jobs that are very high pressure such as being president, but for most people, we add heaps of unnecessary stress to our lives via our expectations of ourselves, others, and situations.

I haven't prepared anything yet for Saturday, and I feel that, besides prepping materials and a couple very basic exercises for people to follow, I am not going to go overboard on the planning. I feel that, whenever I do that, I tend to do so from a place of anxiety rather than confidence.

I included the Dana (High Priestess) card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle App. I received this card last night and I thought it was a good companion card to the River card. Both serve as a good reminder and focus for me as I head into the next several months, embracing rather than running from opportunities that arise in the creative sphere.



  1. As much as fear and anxiety are rooted within so are security and peace. It is always a matter of focus
    And it isn't easy I know
    I hope you will have wonderful experience with you workshop

  2. Just keep remembering 'all the best rewards are found in the most challenging things'.

    You have a great way with people and a lovely artistic flair. I can't wait to hear how you get on!

    1. Thank you dear sir!

      I think if I allow myself to relax and not sweat that I haven't taught for 8-10 years then I will be good.

      Thanks for the encouragement!


  3. It's kinda funny that you're teaching people about relaxing into creativity, and you get so nervous about it. What would you say to yourself if you were one of your own students? Sending you hugs and knowing you'll do wonderfully :)

    1. Haha, I know! SO silly. In the end, there are two people attending my class, both of whom are named Mary. They're really lovely and I'm glad they're coming. It should be especially low key. I think! :D


    2. Hope you have fun with it!
      Hugs, Cxxx

    3. It was fun. There ended up being three Marys there. Including my mom! It was fun. I'm glad I went through with it. I don't know what I'll do after the four workshops are over-whether I'll pursue it for longer, but at least I am doing these now. :)

    4. Sounds really good! Glad you had fun, and as for the future, see what comes... Cxxx

    5. Good advice, Chloe!

      I am trying to stay open to the possibilities. :) xxooo