Monday, May 19, 2014

Women of Heart and Mind (and) Hiatus

Here is a duo of cards I pulled for today's post. We have the Thinking Woman and the Woman Holding a Heart. It's the air and water female courts, essentially. Definitely something here about connections with women. After looking at it, I wonder if it means my sister and mother (air and water signs respectively). Could just mean getting together with them this week, like we planned? Or could it mean something a little more involved? I don't know, but that's why divination is fun.


P.S. I think I may take a break until the first week of June. I feel a bit like I am blogging on autopilot again.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Making Conscious Decisions


So it's safe to say that I'm kinda addicted to my Enchanted Map Oracle App. I use it on a daily basis, and I've found it to be very readable and very helpful. I admit, when I got the physical deck and used it, I didn't find this to be the case. I found it too floaty and esoteric. But after I used it a while I started to learn its language better--and now I feel like the messages are much easier to interpret.

This card is one of the easier ones to interpret. It's pretty obvious. But making choices can also be one of the harder things to do when we don't feel inclined to do so. I've gotten an interesting slew of cards lately. First with the 'DUNZO' cards, saying that I had hit the end of the line. All those tens, all those Death-esque cards, the Rock Bottom card.

Following up those cards were a bunch of 'you need to take more risks and stop living so small' cards. Then directly after that today, with several cards telling me, since I had begun doing so, trying too hard to force a change. The recommended action, instead, was that I really had to ride the wave, follow a more natural, organic course of action instead of fitting a round peg into a square hole. 

I have to admit it's enough to make my head spin! Perhaps I should read only once or twice a week, but I have found these cards very instructive. It's almost like someone following me around with a paddle, or a horse whip, but gently nudging me in a direction.

Here's a card for today. Make a Choice. This isn't about a hasty or ill-timed choice, obviously, but a conscious choice. I thought of this a bit earlier today when I was wondering about traveling. If I just try my best to actively arrange something, even if I have questions of whether it's financially indicated,  I can get better results than not entertaining it at all.

The card has a very good point. If you have 'something in mind' but do nothing about it, you are really no further ahead. You do have to 'embark and travel a few steps' in order to work out the next appropriate action. You can't just hope everything falls into place without any intervention from you.  Such an obvious concept but easy to forget when planning. Planning can become another way to put off doing anything.

Wishing you all decisive, guided, appropriate action,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two Reversals and the Illusion of Safety

I pulled a card for myself to post today, and I got Protecting Treasure (reversed). I was kinda 'meh' about it for some reason--I didn't want to post it. Then I pulled a second card: Sacred Pool (reversed). I decided to post them together (the text shown is excerpts for both cards), and I was struck by the similar ideas and energy of the duo.  Both seem to be about dimming one's light, not taking risks, assuming a sort of passive/victim stance.  With my south node in Pisces (shadow side being the victim) there is a tendency to passivity in my nature--one which I'm thankfully able to periodically overcome with the more fiery parts of my nature.

Lately I've felt fairly defeated by my blahness and lack of goals. I try to come up with something and it just lacks oomph. It doesn't feel right. It doesn't lead anywhere. And I am sure there's that self-sabotage going on which is not enabling me to move anything on to the next level.

So I'm going to see how to flip these reversals around...


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ride the Wave: Effortless Success

Whoa, duuuude. That's what I thought when I saw this card. Well, not exactly, but it's a really fun card, and has a very uplifting message. Of course, it could just be that the surfer language is triggered by the whole wave imagery. Hehe. Anyway!

This is a follow-up reading to the readings of yesterday and the other day.  I've noted this recent phase of pulls that point to a new direction. An onslaught of tens indicating an ending, the Coming Apart reading which indicated a similar 'dead end' energy, and these recent readings of today and yesterday, showing the influx of new ideas and opportunities.

I have to say I don't quite see how this will play out yet, but I appreciate the message of these readings and I will try to keep them as a focus.

Much Love,

Wordless Wednesday: Taft Hill Road

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wide Open: Expressing My Uniqueness, Dreaming Bigger

This card was the answer to an unspoken question about how to posit myself in the world in this next 'phase', the latter half of 2014. I already did a reading on the latter half of 2014, but I like doing readings from various angles using different decks, and I find single card readings to be surprisingly helpful.

This card has such a fresh and open feeling. Plus, it's just plain encouraging. It tells me not to think so small, which is definitely something I do. I am always trying to shrink my plans down to manageable proportions, and that's usually a pretty tiny size when it's viewed through the murky, distorted lens of my fears.

Here's to dreaming bigger...


Monday, May 12, 2014

Rock Bottom and Repeating Tens

I have been playing around on my decks, both on my phone and the physical decks as well, and I've noticed a recent pattern in the past few days of receiving lots of 10 number cards, which included but was not limited to:

  • The 10 of Wands multiple times
  • The 10 of Swords multiple times
  • The Wheel of Fortune (10 major arcana)
  • The 10 of Cups a couple of times
  • The 10 of Pentacles once
  • The Rock Bottom card in the Enchanted Map Oracle, which is card 10

I think I got some other cards that had similar meanings as well, but anyway. I definitely noticed a theme! Tens are the last card in the pips, as y'all know, meaning that something is coming to an end. And the meaning of Rock Bottom is, appropriately, about things being at a dead end and the need to let go. The Wheel of Fortune is about a new cycle. I've also been really interested in the topic of letting go recently.

Another card I got at the same time as this one was Dry Desert, reversed, which is basically about beating a dead horse. It was saying that nothing I could do would alter the fact that a certain situation was just...dunzo. Dried up like a mummy.

I've been thinking I want to make a new start. I have nothing planned after the workshops, as I mentioned in this post.  In order to make a new start you have to let go of metaphorical mummies.


Animal in the Chimney Tea Leaf Cards


Turns out that these cards referred, rather literally, to a situation that occurred today where a bird or squirrel (Bird-Flying) was hiding out in our chimney (Well) and my husband had to take a short trip (Horse) to buy rope to have the thing grab onto it. See the rope dangling in the well? And it has to be handled carefully (Grasshopper) so that the animal doesn't either run rampant or die. 

I felt the need to pull out my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I had them in my purse since I tucked them in there prior to a get-together on Saturday night between local friends, new people I only recently met. They seem like good people and it was good to connect outside of my comfort zone.

In any event, I did a few readings for myself today, upon noting that I felt exhausted and crazed, but I thought I'd post this one. Maybe it's the cheerful table cloth in the background...I don't know! But I liked this quad of cards.

The first card is one of my favorites, Bird-Flying. This is about a piece of news being delivered. The card is neutral in terms of what sort of news you'll receive, but the second card being positive helped matters in my mind. Well is about a deeply held wish coming true. One memorable example of this is when this card showed up two and a half years ago when we were looking for a house in a better neighborhood. We dearly wanted to find one but we weren't sure how to go about it with minimal funds and a house that was hard to sell. But we did it, and this card promised this.

The Grasshopper card is more of a mixed bag, but by no means negative. This card is sort of like Temperance. A careful approach is recommended. This is not Knight of Wands energy. The grasshopper is conservative in his movements and saves food for later. A situation is indicated that requires gentle handling. So, I will keep this in mind over the next couple of weeks or so.

The final card is Horse, which is about a short distance trip. I think this would be indicated for something that is local, or within the state.

Hmmm. It's funny, but when I look over this card for interpretation I don't feel that excited, but that may be my mood.

Much Love to Y'all,

Friday, May 9, 2014

Field of Dreams and Planting Seeds

This isn't my best editing job (I cut off part of a letter on the bottom), but whatever, dudes.

For today's blog post I pulled this card which is about sewing seeds, putting powerful intention behind whatever it is you do. I think this is a good reminder for me, as someone who often cancels out her own ventures and ideas. It also reminds me of a cool broadcast I heard by Michael Neill recently, in which he talks about how you don't really know what will work and what won't work in terms of seedlings of ideas planted in your life. Some will thrive quickly, some will die immediately, others will take years, even decades to germinate. We don't know what we're setting in motion at the time. And things we cling to fervently as 'having to work' or 'else' will often fail.

There's a kind of marvelous randomness to this idea. But I feel like it's a great lesson for us all. We may as well just do stuff we enjoy and see what happens, not put a mantle of grandiose expectations upon every little thing we do and feel downtrodden and miserable whenever certain results are not found. We just need to keep broadcasting seeds and watering them, enjoying the process as much as possible.

Much Love,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Coming Apart: My Focus After the Workshops

For some reason, this is one of my favorite cards in this deck. You would think that a card about things coming apart, commitments being broken and other things would not be a favorite card for anyone, but for some reason it is. I guess I figure that if something isn't a good idea then it's a good thing that it's coming apart. I guess there's something freeing in breaking away from unhealthy situations, or trying something new.

This card pull is about what to focus on when the workshops end (I'm doing a series of four workshops at a local coffee shop, and they all have a relaxation theme). The last one is in mid-late July, and I am wondering how/where I should focus, or what I should embody at the end of those workshops.

My impression of this card is that I should break away from the concept of the workshops and look into something else for the latter half of the year. I had already specifically decided not to teach classes in the fall and winter because I don't want to deal with Colorado's inclement weather and possible cancellations, much less all the chaos, school starting, holidays and the like that happen at the end of the year. I thought the spring and summer was a better time for classes, as people have an easier time weather-wise and schedule-wise.

The problem (if it even is a problem) lies in deciding what to do with the latter half of 2014. I would like to be a bit more focused than usual, in a productive but pleasant way. I think I will ruminate on the best use of my time for the remainder of this year.


Monday, May 5, 2014

Heal the Ouch: Grain-free Diet

Here is a card I received for today's blog post. Heal the "Ouch"! This card is about overall healing and well-being. It can be physical, emotional or otherwise. When I saw this I thought of running into a nutrition expert this morning, a local lady and new friend who works with the GAPS diet and traditional eating, something I'm interested in but have not fully followed through on. I've dabbled in it and employed some principles of it for myself and my daughter, but I have not gone entirely grain-free or really fleshed out my plan. I admit I've been dawdling on it.

With my husband on a paleo diet and me thinking for quite some time now that I want to cut out the grains and heal my gut and my daughter's gut, I am thinking I might give this one more intense and serious consideration, as hard as it may be initially, and to keep up.  I spend so much time researching health stuff and though I do an imperfect job of employing it, at least I'm making progress. For instance, most of our meals are entirely grain-free, and definitely gluten-free, and low sugar. My husband is almost entirely paleo, except for a rare gluten-free coating on meat, but I think I may be changing that, too. And I have been extremely inconsistent with myself. I am saying this simply to be honest and not to beat up on myself. I do feel that consistency is very helpful in many areas of life--if we can really put in the energy to do something as much as possible it yields so much better results.

Occasionally I let my daughter have bread or crackers that are gluten-free, but I am realizing how much of a crutch that is for her, and how much she craves them when I give them to her. Plus, in my own reading I see the connection between poor gut health and consumption of grains. There are some things that I think with improve with myself and my daughter on this diet, perhaps too numerous to mention in this post, which I am trying to be brief in.

Anyway, that is what comes to mind today, as it seems to have emerged as a theme.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

MM's May Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Forecast

Following a brief stint of doing longer readings with the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, I decided to go with a shorter reading. I find that short readings can be very potent! And I need to live up to my blog's subtitle: A Potent Dose of Tarot. Anywayyyyy...

This duo seems almost too good to be true. Prosperity AND being on the right path. How is that possible? In any event, I will allow them to cheer me, even if they are bogus. I am going to assume they are true and act accordingly. I am going to do my best to enjoy myself in May. Come what may.

Get it? (GROAN)