Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Coming Apart: My Focus After the Workshops

For some reason, this is one of my favorite cards in this deck. You would think that a card about things coming apart, commitments being broken and other things would not be a favorite card for anyone, but for some reason it is. I guess I figure that if something isn't a good idea then it's a good thing that it's coming apart. I guess there's something freeing in breaking away from unhealthy situations, or trying something new.

This card pull is about what to focus on when the workshops end (I'm doing a series of four workshops at a local coffee shop, and they all have a relaxation theme). The last one is in mid-late July, and I am wondering how/where I should focus, or what I should embody at the end of those workshops.

My impression of this card is that I should break away from the concept of the workshops and look into something else for the latter half of the year. I had already specifically decided not to teach classes in the fall and winter because I don't want to deal with Colorado's inclement weather and possible cancellations, much less all the chaos, school starting, holidays and the like that happen at the end of the year. I thought the spring and summer was a better time for classes, as people have an easier time weather-wise and schedule-wise.

The problem (if it even is a problem) lies in deciding what to do with the latter half of 2014. I would like to be a bit more focused than usual, in a productive but pleasant way. I think I will ruminate on the best use of my time for the remainder of this year.



  1. Well, the cards certainly seem to agree that you should do something different after July. I guess you'll need another reading or two to narrow down what to do…

    1. Definitely. I think the idea of dealing with bad weather and trying to coordinate classes during the holidays did not appeal to me! I am a bit of an empty slate (not quite) and trying to see what appeals to me. Much love to you!

  2. Hi Magic Mentha! I like your reflection about this card and I agree with you. Sometimes is healthy coming apart.
    Take your time...a new idea will come :) Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!

    1. Well howdy, Las Magas! Thank you very much. I do think so, too! And thanks for the gentle encouragement. I will try to ease up and not worry about taking my time in coming up with a plan. XOX