Monday, May 5, 2014

Heal the Ouch: Grain-free Diet

Here is a card I received for today's blog post. Heal the "Ouch"! This card is about overall healing and well-being. It can be physical, emotional or otherwise. When I saw this I thought of running into a nutrition expert this morning, a local lady and new friend who works with the GAPS diet and traditional eating, something I'm interested in but have not fully followed through on. I've dabbled in it and employed some principles of it for myself and my daughter, but I have not gone entirely grain-free or really fleshed out my plan. I admit I've been dawdling on it.

With my husband on a paleo diet and me thinking for quite some time now that I want to cut out the grains and heal my gut and my daughter's gut, I am thinking I might give this one more intense and serious consideration, as hard as it may be initially, and to keep up.  I spend so much time researching health stuff and though I do an imperfect job of employing it, at least I'm making progress. For instance, most of our meals are entirely grain-free, and definitely gluten-free, and low sugar. My husband is almost entirely paleo, except for a rare gluten-free coating on meat, but I think I may be changing that, too. And I have been extremely inconsistent with myself. I am saying this simply to be honest and not to beat up on myself. I do feel that consistency is very helpful in many areas of life--if we can really put in the energy to do something as much as possible it yields so much better results.

Occasionally I let my daughter have bread or crackers that are gluten-free, but I am realizing how much of a crutch that is for her, and how much she craves them when I give them to her. Plus, in my own reading I see the connection between poor gut health and consumption of grains. There are some things that I think with improve with myself and my daughter on this diet, perhaps too numerous to mention in this post, which I am trying to be brief in.

Anyway, that is what comes to mind today, as it seems to have emerged as a theme.



  1. Sweeping diet changes are never easy, but it sounds like you are already very close. Small changes add up! I'm still working on my own changes. It's a process, and although I'm not 100% there, I'm doing better than I was, which is really not such a small thing after all.

    1. Yep, absolutely. We've been heading this direction for several years! With my daughter's health stuff we just wanted to take it to the next level. In my research I see how going a little bit further with the gut healing stuff could improve her mood and other things. We will still make tasty grain-free desserts, and eat chocolate and such and homemade coconut milk ice cream, etc. In reality we eat this way 80% of the time anyway. I just wanted to go for it. Even if we slip up some it's still a generally positive move! I'm very impressed by what you've done and send you major kudos! XOX