Monday, May 12, 2014

Animal in the Chimney Tea Leaf Cards


Turns out that these cards referred, rather literally, to a situation that occurred today where a bird or squirrel (Bird-Flying) was hiding out in our chimney (Well) and my husband had to take a short trip (Horse) to buy rope to have the thing grab onto it. See the rope dangling in the well? And it has to be handled carefully (Grasshopper) so that the animal doesn't either run rampant or die. 

I felt the need to pull out my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I had them in my purse since I tucked them in there prior to a get-together on Saturday night between local friends, new people I only recently met. They seem like good people and it was good to connect outside of my comfort zone.

In any event, I did a few readings for myself today, upon noting that I felt exhausted and crazed, but I thought I'd post this one. Maybe it's the cheerful table cloth in the background...I don't know! But I liked this quad of cards.

The first card is one of my favorites, Bird-Flying. This is about a piece of news being delivered. The card is neutral in terms of what sort of news you'll receive, but the second card being positive helped matters in my mind. Well is about a deeply held wish coming true. One memorable example of this is when this card showed up two and a half years ago when we were looking for a house in a better neighborhood. We dearly wanted to find one but we weren't sure how to go about it with minimal funds and a house that was hard to sell. But we did it, and this card promised this.

The Grasshopper card is more of a mixed bag, but by no means negative. This card is sort of like Temperance. A careful approach is recommended. This is not Knight of Wands energy. The grasshopper is conservative in his movements and saves food for later. A situation is indicated that requires gentle handling. So, I will keep this in mind over the next couple of weeks or so.

The final card is Horse, which is about a short distance trip. I think this would be indicated for something that is local, or within the state.

Hmmm. It's funny, but when I look over this card for interpretation I don't feel that excited, but that may be my mood.

Much Love to Y'all,


  1. Replies
    1. It was so funny because when I saw this reading I really didn't know what to make of it. And it had a kind of annoying, bland feeling to it, despite the allegedly positive cards. So when the whole animal in chimney scenario popped up the whole thing made sense! I am not sure if the animal is still down there---we have to check again today. :D

    2. Good thing it's not winter, so you don't need to use the chimney! :)

    3. True! I hope the poor thing escapes via the rope and doesn't die down there. Technically we have never used our fireplace!