Friday, May 16, 2014

Making Conscious Decisions


So it's safe to say that I'm kinda addicted to my Enchanted Map Oracle App. I use it on a daily basis, and I've found it to be very readable and very helpful. I admit, when I got the physical deck and used it, I didn't find this to be the case. I found it too floaty and esoteric. But after I used it a while I started to learn its language better--and now I feel like the messages are much easier to interpret.

This card is one of the easier ones to interpret. It's pretty obvious. But making choices can also be one of the harder things to do when we don't feel inclined to do so. I've gotten an interesting slew of cards lately. First with the 'DUNZO' cards, saying that I had hit the end of the line. All those tens, all those Death-esque cards, the Rock Bottom card.

Following up those cards were a bunch of 'you need to take more risks and stop living so small' cards. Then directly after that today, with several cards telling me, since I had begun doing so, trying too hard to force a change. The recommended action, instead, was that I really had to ride the wave, follow a more natural, organic course of action instead of fitting a round peg into a square hole. 

I have to admit it's enough to make my head spin! Perhaps I should read only once or twice a week, but I have found these cards very instructive. It's almost like someone following me around with a paddle, or a horse whip, but gently nudging me in a direction.

Here's a card for today. Make a Choice. This isn't about a hasty or ill-timed choice, obviously, but a conscious choice. I thought of this a bit earlier today when I was wondering about traveling. If I just try my best to actively arrange something, even if I have questions of whether it's financially indicated,  I can get better results than not entertaining it at all.

The card has a very good point. If you have 'something in mind' but do nothing about it, you are really no further ahead. You do have to 'embark and travel a few steps' in order to work out the next appropriate action. You can't just hope everything falls into place without any intervention from you.  Such an obvious concept but easy to forget when planning. Planning can become another way to put off doing anything.

Wishing you all decisive, guided, appropriate action,


  1. Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. - John Lennon
    This quote came to mind when I read your post.
    It feels good when the cards seem to "sense" what you need to hear right now.
    And I do think the best way to bond with a deck is to use it often :D

    1. Very true! Plans go awry, and often that's a good thing. Or at least it's a thing. Haha! The cards have had my number--that's for sure. I have gotten out of the flow the past few days since we had some sickness (stomach flu and getting over a cold, etc), but anyway...I do love reading frequently with a deck. It really makes you get in touch with its personality! Sorry I haven't been commenting much on your blog and I hope you are doing well! XOXOXX

  2. It's so true about having to take the first steps, even without knowing where they'll take you! Good luck, and may you put your best foot forward :D

    1. Yes...I feel like I often forget this part. The part where I actually have to step forward a few times. I think, 'Oh...maybe after I do this and that.' But then this and that never really are complete--it is anxiety's way of pushing action forward farther and farther into the future until you never do it.

      I have my mandalas workshop this weekend and I was thinking, 'Oh boy! I'd better prepare for that class.' I only have vague ideas of what I am going to do. I know focusing and working on it will definitely get me there, but I always feel jittery about it anyway. :D

      Thanks for the good mojo!!


    2. Hope the mandala workshop goes well! That you enjoy it, and everyone else does, too, in that order :) Now, go get prepared so that can happen!!
      Hugs, Cxxx

    3. Haha! I ended up canceling the last three workshops because I wasn't very excited about them and had minimal sign-ups! I feel decent about that, though! If it isn't a 'yes' then, for me, it is a no!