Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wide Open: Expressing My Uniqueness, Dreaming Bigger

This card was the answer to an unspoken question about how to posit myself in the world in this next 'phase', the latter half of 2014. I already did a reading on the latter half of 2014, but I like doing readings from various angles using different decks, and I find single card readings to be surprisingly helpful.

This card has such a fresh and open feeling. Plus, it's just plain encouraging. It tells me not to think so small, which is definitely something I do. I am always trying to shrink my plans down to manageable proportions, and that's usually a pretty tiny size when it's viewed through the murky, distorted lens of my fears.

Here's to dreaming bigger...



  1. This card has a real "Fool" feel to it :) Someone recently wrote something asking: do we fulfil our dreams or do they fulfil us? So, it's a balance between finding a dream that doesn't scare you by being too big, yet still fulfils you with its wondrousness :D

    1. It does, doesn't it? I love it. I am definitely aiming to find that balance. Thanks so much. xox