Monday, June 30, 2014

Birds, Book & Key: Research and Possible Solutions

Here's a trio I pulled today, again regarding the house sale. I know! I am obsessed. Grr. Hahaa.

Anyway. I edited it using a pic editor I accidentally purchased on my phone. Whoops. Oh well.

So. I have been trying to brainstorm some meanings for this trio. My question was about how to possibly mitigate the expenses that seem to be a problem if attempting to selling the house now.

I got Book, which is about information of some sort, at least that's the primary meaning I've assigned to it. And then there's birds, which is about communication, sometimes gossip or whatnot, but I think the meaning is fairly neutral in and of itself.

The Key card tends to be more positive--as it's about a solution.

Here are a few meanings of some of these combinations from

Birds + book (26): students, teachers, secrets

Birds + key (33): good communication, promising connection

Key + book (26): secret is revealed, spiritual studies

Key + birds (12): power couple, important phone call

Book + key (33): important discovery, secret is revealed, very successful book

Book + birds (12): public speaking classes, PR expert, discussions about something learned

Alright! So you get the idea, I bet!  I like to cross-reference meanings and also look at different combinations, even though it's a little (ok, a lot!) redundant. It solidifies meanings in my mind, and triggers my intuition.  When the cards come in a different order there is a different meaning given, but I think it could be applicable for whatever way the cards fell, in my opinion.

So...I can definitely expand upon the words and phrases given here, using these as a rough draft.

When I saw these what came to mind is that, in doing some sort of research (book), we come across an idea, then we communicate that idea (birds), to help bring about a solution (key). However, I could definitely be wrong about that. Haha.

I like the phrase, 'discussions about something learned' and also, 'important phone call',  'important discovery' as well as 'promising connection'...which could all sound like helpful contacts for figuring out a solution. I promise that if any of this happens I will let y'all know.

Love heaps,

Tattered Nomad House Reading

I missed playing with this gorgeous deck, the Tattered Nomad Oracle. I haven't used it for a while! I tend to use things profusely then put them away and forget about them. You all know the drill!

Here are the cards I pulled regarding my recent decision to put the house sale on hold. A cursory glance at them seemed to indicate that they made sense, but there was more there so I hope I can pull out more meaning from this reading as I go along.

The first card pulled was Mice. This tends to be sort of negative, about something 'eating away' at you, in the form of fear, worry or frustration. I guess that makes sense. The Clouds card indicates temporary problems, which would go well with Mice in terms of a theme. The Ring is about a contract or union of some kind, in this case a contract to sell/buy a house.

The non-traditional card drawn here is the Familiar, a card Shaheen added to represent some sort of guidance received. Another key word for this Familiar is protection and warning. Maybe this represents receiving intuitive guidance to wait to do the house sale. That's what I thought of when I saw it, but who knows for sure.

I pulled one final card at the end, the Bouquet card, which was to represent some sort of new or helpful influence. The card is about receiving gifts or an offering of some sort. Perhaps this is an idea or monetary help that I could receive to help things along. This is a very pleasant, helpful card. So I was happy to see it here amidst 'blah' worry cards.

Much Love,

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Deciding Not to Sell Tea Leaf Pull

So, you guys know that I can be decisive but also change my mind. Hah! Anyway, I know several other people like this. What I have noticed over time, however, is that it isn't so much that I'm changing my mind entirely, but that I wasn't totally paying attention to how I felt about things at the onset of my decision-making process. When I went back and realized how I felt, which is that I decided I didn't REALLY want to do it (yet!) that is the point where I dropped out and made a new plan.

This realization has enabled me to see myself in a more positive light. Instead of seeing myself as wishy-washy, I see myself needing to pay attention to how I'm feeling earlier. I have situations that I convince myself are good, but I tend to ignore how I'm feeling, perhaps because I might think it's irrational to feel that way. Sooner or later, those feelings tend to escalate and I'm left with an overwhelming desire to change the direction of where things are going.

Such the case with the house selling saga. Now, I want to clarify that I'm fairly certain we still plan to sell at some point--whether it's a year or two down the line. But I noticed the growing sense of anxiety (and blahness) accompanying the act, and when I realized I dreaded the whole process more than I dreaded the winter commute that I was trying to eliminate, then maybe the timing wasn't quite right. I had a talk late last night with my hubby. He seemed OK with it, although we've both been in high stress mode trying to get ready for things. We realized more problems with our plan last night, some of them financial, some of them intuitive on my part.

In any case, here are six cards I pulled just a few minutes ago regarding this decision. Overall I think it makes sense and looks decent. There's the exciting event, which is deciding suddenly to withdraw the idea of moving (for now), and there's the Knot card, which is about something unraveling, which is the plan itself. When I saw the Knot card today after our decision last night, the Broken Ring card (a similar meaning to Knot), made a lot more sense for July. Next to that we have Tankard, which is about celebration, fun and enjoyment. It's one of the more lighthearted cards in the deck. I have to admit, I feel a hell of a lot more relaxed after making this choice to wait to sell. It was like 90% of my stress evaporated as soon as I made the decision. This card also makes me think we can focus on my traditional summer things, such as relaxing and trying to have fun.

The second row is Carriage, which is about a journey. Now, this could be literal or not. I'm unsure which this is. I think it's more symbolic but it could definitely be both. And Cobweb is about being protected from any problems or negative impact, which is always a good thing. The final card is Basket, which is about some sort of reward or recognition for an action. So maybe waiting will yield some sort of reward, whether financial or otherwise. I hope so. We don't know what the market will do, and there's a chance it won't be a good idea to wait. But I trust my intuition and I am going to try to appreciate the journey.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Ole July Tea Leaf Reading

So, here's another large reading. I thought a lot of this made sense off the bat, but, as is the case with readings like this, especially large ones, there's always lots of room for interpretation.

Starting at the top:

Funnel- Here's my friend the Funnel! I must've gotten this in 3-4 readings when pulling yesterday. I admit, it's not my favorite card. But who likes frustration, eh?!!!!

Bell- Announcement. Well, sure. I guess we'd be announcing that we're moving. We haven't officially put the house up for sale yet. I told my husband I wanted to wait until July, maybe the second week of July, so we have a little time to spruce things up more. The house is pretty clean but there are some things we want to do, within reason.

Box-Oh! A gift! This can be a literal or a figurative gift. Either way, I'll take it! Hahaa.

Chair-Filled-Someone new entering my life. Hm. Well, this one is more general, but I suppose that makes sense. New things coming into our life might be a natural by-product of planning a move!

Purse- You don't have to tell me twice, although you did. I got several money warnings, and that makes sense, too. We don't have any savings cushion whatsoever, so we have to be very selective about everything we do. We can't go around doing a bunch of expensive things. Anything we change (which won't be much) will have to be of minimal expense.

Broom- New Home, New Attitude! I was wondering if this card would show up at any point for this process. This is probably the most specific card I could get for this whole selling/buying process.

Pineapple- Reconciliation. Not sure on this one. That is a hard one to figure out for me. Is this another house-related thing, or something more personal? I don't have any major splits going on relationship-wise, so we'll see how this comes into play.

Broken Ring- OK! That one gave me pause. What would we be breaking? Isn't this a weird dichotomy with Pineapple right on the other side? Reconciliation and Broken Ring. Is this about breaking with one house and finding another? I don't feel this is about my relationship for a multitude of reasons. Anyway, we'll see. Lots of stuff about the housing situation. We'll see!


What's Happening? Current Events Reading

I don't know quite yet what this refers to. I have some ideas, but I think that I will find out. Haha. I tend to dismiss readings and then they turn out to be very relevant.

So what things come up with this pull of nine cards? Let us see.

So we have the Older Woman in the very center of the reading. She can represent any woman that is older than you. I feel this tends to refer to a mother or grandmother. So, I'm going with that. Surrounding the mother and grandmother is a party energy (Fan), as well as some sort of uplifting, solutions-oriented energy (Bridge). That's nice, right? Haha. Anyway. No idea. I know my husband's grandmother has a birthday this weekend (on our anniversary). We can't forget that! I don't know if that's what this is showing. Certainly Fan+Older Woman could represent a birthday celebration for my husband's grandmother, who will be celebrating her 90th birthday.

The Bridge part seems more mysterious, though it could be something positive happening for her. That, too, makes sense. She recently (along with my husband's parents) moved back to a town in upstate New York and back into her house which she left when she went to live with my husband's parents. Sorry if that's hard to follow. She recently went back to live in her own house again (she has dementia/Alzheimer's), and she is happy about that. My husband spoke to her on the phone recently. She's also going to a kind of adult hang out place where she can spend time with peers during the day, which I think is a good thing. But there may be some element I am really missing with this.

On the top row we have Haystack, Funnel and Tent. I feel this may be referring to the housing thing. I am not entirely sure, but the Funnel card keeps coming up for me when I do readings. The Tent card makes me think of temporary housing, and we're thinking we may have to rent for a while before finding a house we like. Our realtor made it clear to us when we saw her Monday that it's a really tough market for buying out there--that it's like an angry cat fight trying to get a house. Selling should be a good deal easier for us. She mentioned we may have to stay with family a while, like a month or two, while finding a house. I like my own space so I don't really like that idea, but she also mentioned renting for a while and then pouncing on any listings that come up. It doesn't sound like fun to me, but it may be necessary in this market.

The final row with Gavel, Table and Caterpillar, are also about the housing thing, I think. There's a lot of finagling and legal mumbo jumbo to deal with. We have to do all this specific paperwork stuff, and time everything well. But the final card, Caterpillar, gives me hope that things will transform in a positive way...eventually.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Relax--Everything's Okay!

Here's a card that I think we could all benefit from seeing. Relax--Everything's Okay. What a great reminder. You might argue that sometimes things aren't OK. Well...okay. I guess I can see your point, but overall this is still good advice. Things change. Sometimes we go through crummy things, or feel badly about ourselves (usually they go hand in hand). I thought I'd post this one because I've been really focused on getting everything lined up to move and part of me is really stressed about it, and really resisting it. But sometimes just reminding ourselves that everything is fine, and it's all transitory, is the best thing we can do.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Lenormand Trio About Moving

You guys are going to get sick of seeing readings about me moving. Haha! I am sorry!

Here is a trio using Pepi Valderrama's Alice in Wonderland Vintage Lenormand App.

I missed around with it in Fun deck! I also got the Crotchet and Whimsical Lenormands by Pepi--I love them all! Granted, my skill translating Lenormand readings is a little bit rusty and malformed. Haha!

My impression of this trio (Ship, Stork, Tower), is that the transition (Ship) of the new beginning that is moving (Stork), may have some challenges, but it is a solid enough thing (Tower). I see the Tower in Lenormand as being pretty solid. It's not like the Tower in the tarot. Thank goodness? There are some negative connotations such as loneliness or challenge, but I have read it is not a negative card per se, depending on who you ask.

Oh, something else occurred to me when seeing the Tower card. It can represent many things, so I won't assume anything, but I also thought of the height of a tower. My daughter specifically requested a house with two stories so she can look down from her upstairs window. Reminds me very much of the depiction of this card showing a girl looking out her window. It was her number one request!

The clarification to this reading (not shown) was Rider, which I see as similar to the knights in tarot--bearing news of some sort. In and of itself it is neutral. But that makes sense. What moving process isn't loaded with news and messages and the like?


Thursday, June 19, 2014

8 of Wands: Immediate Results

I was thinking again about our upcoming house move, and I pulled a single card from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards. These cards are, admittedly, a bit corny, but what I like about them is how specific and well described the cards are. I appreciate that!

Anyway. The 8 of Wands, sometimes called 'Swiftness' is about progress, and usually in short order. Next week we're meeting with our realtor to see when a good time to put the house on the market would be. My husband was like, 'You just know it's all going to happen really fast!' Right then I pulled this card. Hahaa. I don't know. Of course we could be wrong, but judging by the housing market around here I would tend to agree. I'll update on the meeting after next Wednesday!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Whale: Great Worry Over Nothing

This is one of my favorite cards from the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Isn't it just ducky? Or whaley, as it were? It puts a spotlight on how many (if not all) of our worries are nothing more than overblown noise, often stopping us from doing things we want to do.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rainbow Blessings

This is interesting. I am not quite sure what to make of this card in a specific way, but I love its message. I got this card back in January, though I can't remember what was going on. Haha! Ah well.

I think the message of gratitude is a good one. No matter what is happening, we have to remember beautiful things in our lives.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Key & Tree: House Move Confirmation

I decided to do another moving duo, this time about what to keep in mind, but it didn't seem to offer a lot of suggestions, just encouragement. Interesting! I love the symbol of the Key, especially as it seems to emphasize the house concept, a key unlocking a door symbolically. I feel that downsizing and having a smaller mortgage payment will actually be a key to improving things for us financially.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tea Leaf Fortunes Trio on Moving

So, something I've been vaguely considering but haven't really voiced to anyone is the possibility of moving slightly north, to the city where my daughter's school is. Although it is do-able, I've found it rather tiring to drive there five or more days a week. Commuting is not really my bag. I thought about carpooling, but, to be honest, I still find myself going there often, so I wonder if it would just be a heck of a lot more convenient to live there. Especially in the winter when I may not want to drive back and forth in the snow and ice. I had a very stressful winter commute there this first school session.

I mentioned this to my husband. He seemed to agree with me, though he's nervous about the logistics of it financially, which I am too, admittedly. But, we're hoping he can find a job there too, and we can all be in close proximity to where we live/work/go to school. It would be so much easier!

Here are the three cards I pulled on this topic. Looks pretty good, doesn't it? I realize it's more important how I feel about it than how the cards look, but it's nice to see such a supportive trio of cards regarding the move. It's something I actually care about!

Much Love,

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Coping Strategy Cards

I pulled these cards last night. Along with my hubby, I interpreted them for my situation, which is being at home all the time with my very moody, pre-pubescent daughter. My main issue is that she's very, very independent, and resists suggestions to go to a lot of things. And, like what happened yesterday, even if she wants to go, she often seems moody and unbalanced. I'm working on things from a number of angles, from tweaking her diet to giving her as much space as possible, to coming up with activities that would be interesting but not overstimulating for her.

Like me, she gets overwhelmed kinda quickly. So a day chockablock full of chaos and activity can prove to be the opposite of what is needed many times. This is something I've noticed from being her mom the past 8 years, anyway! As a kid, I often felt overwhelmed and like I had no way to escape that feeling being around lots of people, both peers and also just in general from being in a big family. And, I was bullied for many years in school, until I left for college. So, I am trying to approach this issue with empathy for my daughter if she is feeling stressed and overstimulated, even if it doesn't seem to make sense.

At the same time, I am letting her know our boundaries as parents, when things are not acceptable (such as being rude to us), and other things where we have to draw the line. I find things do tend to be easier at home. She is more self-directed and content, and she is able to regulate her moods and do what needs to be done to feel better (usually). But when we're out she tends to be irritable, easily upset. I do remember many of these feelings from my own childhood. I think she may be fairly empathic, like I am. It's not easy to be sensitive to people and things around you.

Please note that I am not mentioning the good things that happen (and there are many), but I'm simply troubleshooting and listing things that I see, though I'm being general because I don't want to spend this entire post complaining or overly focusing on this issue. I just wanted to show these cards!

So, the cards here are Pail, Bag, Teapot, Grapes, Mice, Purse.

My husband and I went with what we thought when we saw the cards, and there are always additional things that you don't see until later, but basically:

Pail: This is a card I've seen a number of times referring to getting away quickly from something. It came up when we had several houses fall through during our house hunt 2+ years ago. Whenever I drew it, directly after the house would not come through--an offer was not accepted or something. In this case, referring to summer time with my daughter, my husband saw it as me getting time away from my daughter. Having a ready escape where I can go do something on my own for a bit every day. Obviously this is perfectly do-able as my husband gets home fairly early from work. So, that's something I should always keep in mind.

Bag: This card is usually about having a job, commission, or other occupying task. I've been saying to my husband recently that part of my issue in feeling not so grand this summer is that I don't have any sort of interest going on that's truly calling to me. No consuming creative focus like I usually do. Besides blogging, which I don't consider to be a consuming hobby, as it only takes me about 15 minutes. The Emptying the Bowl™ process has lead me to throw out things that I was previously doing that were just kinda "MEH"...which is good! But, it left me with a pretty empty bowl.  Of course, you could say my daughter being with me 24/7 is a hobby, but well...err. It is something that is a consuming task that takes up most of my time, but at the same time, I really, really benefit from having activities and focused interests that I can do away from my daughter, even if for short periods of time. So, I think this is highlighting me finding something to do. It doesn't matter what it is! I just need to find something I'd like to do. It doesn't matter the duration of the task, either. It can last a few days, or a week. Or several months. Etc. I KINDA hate to admit it, but I'm far more motivated to do something if I get money for it, so I may be looking for ways to make a little bit of cash. I guess that's normal.

Teapot: I think this is mostly about me connecting with friends. Thankfully I am doing that! I have a couple get-togethers planned, and I've been more social than usually the past few months, largely thanks to a beloved local friend. I have to keep on top of socializing and not give it up out of laziness and blahness. It is very crucial to have a social outlet of some sort. We get so much validation and support (and also connection), from having friends and getting together with them. I have some friends in Colorado Springs which I may see again this summer, and a long-time friend who used to be a neighbor in Wyoming who I haven't seen this year and I was thinking of visiting in July.

Grapes: I think this goes with the Teapot card, but also to have fun, whether it's with friends, family, my husband or myself. I need to prioritize fun when I'm feeling stressed. Otherwise my anxiety level continues to rise and I'm at great risk for anxiety attacks. And I refuse to take medication. If I need to I'll take supplements for that, but what I've found is it's far more valuable for me to address the root of my anxiety rather than cover it up with drugs. Fun is the best kind of drug!

Mice: This just reminds me of the stress of juggling a child who is feeling a bit moody, I think. It could be other things that I'm not aware of yet, but there's that 'discord' part. The little nibbly mice may try to nibble away at my sanity until there's nothing left, but I am going to put a stop to it, by trying to stay focused, stay empathetic to my daughter, remain aware of the best ways to entertain both of us (and give both of us space), as well as nurturing myself with friendship, family, time away, and other things.

Purse: This one makes sense to me. It's about being careful about money. We do not have any extra money right now. We have enough to pay the bills, which is very good, but we have no savings (something we are trying to remedy), part of why I'm more motivated to make money, but not in a way that makes me feel cranky or put upon. I want it to be a natural extension of who I am. I don't mind focusing my energy and working on things, but only if it's something that at least somewhat appeals to me! I know that, when we are short on cash, things feel more stressful, and so my husband saw this as a caution to be mindful of the outflow of cash, so we aren't left with 2 bucks for the rest of the week before payday, and a cranky child who wants to do things I can't afford to do. It's just a matter of budgeting, balancing, planning and looking out for opportunities which may generate a little bit of money.

Anyway! This post was way longer than my usual posts. If you got to this point, congrats!

Lotsa love to y'all,

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let It Go: Day Decompression

I have just had 'one of those days' where I just feel drained and blah. My daughter has been super temperamental, cranky, demanding and moody. Anyway! You know how it goes--just one of those days. I fear I may have many of these days this summer. I am trying not to feel too down about it, and take the advice given in the card, which is good advice, though I am not sure it will help me enough. Ah well! Anyway. I am venting, so I don't really need or want any advice. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Holy Moses, Batman! Take Charge!

Here is a card I've received multiple times over the past few days. I've been in this sort of 'blah' limbo space in my Emptying the Bowl™ process. While I have gotten a great deal of value out of the process, in other ways, it has actually brought into sharper focus my tendency to be too passive when it comes to shaping my life and goals.

Now, when I talk about goal-setting I don't mean that I need to go out and be Oprah Winfrey. But maybe I do, in some respects, need to become a Mini Oprah™, and set some goals and plans in motion that I actually feel good about, instead of floating along in a mind-numbing haze of defeat. Do you know what I mean? That is part of what I've noticed in this Emptying the Bowl™ process. Please note: the trademark is a joke! What I've seen is that I am far too easily defeated by circumstances, my own train of dismissive and negative thought. I bet many of you can relate to this.

I love what the card says (above) about being your own authority figure. Many of us grow up feeling that we don't have the authority, the confidence, or anything to be a force in our own lives. There's a feeling of powerlessness that I see in my own life and the lives of others. But that's just a thought, as Michael Neill would say.

My wonderful, amazing friend was giving me a fantastic reading, and in it there were a couple of queens, and a few other cards indicating the power of personal authority and fresh ideas (Ace of Wands, 9 of Pentacles), and also a King, the pragmatic King of Pentacles. These are archetypes I tend to reject in myself, seeing instead that I am the person staring at the empty cups in the 5 of Cups.  Here is an excerpt from the reading:
"When you embrace your soul and your physical expression with total love and acceptance you will get out of your meh. 
There is no King that will save the queen but for your own. There is also the element of harnessing all that wonderful creative energy. 
I really appreciate her perspective on my particular brand of self-sabotage:

"You have so much within and as you begin to give it expression you run around trying to put out the fire you yourself ignited believing that you will be perceived in an unflattering way.
Or you discount your gifts as not being special.
These cards say a lot."

So, this Moses card reminds me of the message in her reading, about taking charge of my life and trusting my own input. It is me who will give me permission to do whatever I want to do, and so I have to ask myself permission, right now, for what I want!


Monday, June 9, 2014

A Motherhood Mandate: Balance Career and Home Life

I was hoping to receive a card that spoke to me a lot right now, but I wasn't sure what that would be honestly. However, this one really does fit the bill. I have to admit I got spoiled (if you can call it that), by having my daughter at school. Now that she's home for the summer I feel overwhelmed again by her presence and moodiness. But...I will say that there were times (terrible, very stressful times) that were far worse and went on far longer. I spent many stressful years with my daughter, many of them involving health issues on top of behavior issues. The fact that her issues have diminished signicantly, and that there are only a few concerns I have, is a big, huge deal. I am very grateful.

Even so, I find myself feeling a bit drained and aimless. I think part of this is that I am nervous--I'm only a few days into the summer break and I have 2.5 months yet to go with my daughter at home 24/7. I know I had her at home every day for 7.5 years, but I also know how intensely stressed I was at that time! Additionally, because I am in the process of bowl emptying, I find it harder than usual to come up with things I really WANT to do. And my daughter tends to resist me when I make suggestions. plan is to come up with lists of things we both feel good about doing, then sprinkling them throughout our summer experience. So far, one outing did not go so well, ending in my daughter crying and intensely complaining about not getting to go back to this same (somewhat expensive) kid's fun place the very next day. It's as if she can't appreciate an experience--she has to complain that she can't do it again the very next day! I really am trying to teach her patience and gratitude--something that takes a lifetime to learn, if at all, I think!

Sometimes I get really fed up with dealing with persistent mood issues that seem to seep into every experience we have together. But then I remember the turmoil of growing up and I try to be empathetic to her, while still maintaining healthy boundaries and parental guidance for her. And I also remember that things are rarely smooth, shiny and flawless. Life is bumpy and rather unpleasant at times. If I allow for the bumps then maybe I won't feel so thrown around. But yet I still feel triggered by the same problems that come up, whether it's in myself or my daughter. When something happens again and again I try to remove myself from the trigger and see if I can come up with an alternate plan that might alleviate the stress of the situation, or change how I might deal with it. Sometimes that plan is rather ridiculous--and may involve desperation. Haha! So far, though, things are do-able, though not always fun.

In any event, I want to be a positive role model emotionally and otherwise to my daughter. I will continue to strive to teach her to honor her feelings and to love others. We can do both! I need to remember this if I feel run down or kinda 'meh' about life. I like the quote this has about even half an hour of meaningful activity a day can lift one's morale.

I do, overall, think my husband is right in that this summer will be better. My daughter is far more independent now than she was in the past. And, for the most part, time at home goes alright. It's more when we go out that something goes awry. But that isn't always the case. Sometimes things go well. It's just the stress of the unpredictable nature of whether things will be 'bleh' or decent.

Regardless of what happens, I will take time each day to do something that replenishes my energy and makes me feel nurtured.

Sending mood-lifting thoughts,

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saying Yes to the Removal of Obstacles

Here is a card I pulled (twice) after having a discussion with my dear friend this evening. We were talking about the process I've been undergoing recently, which I term 'emptying the bowl' that is primarily about removing unwanted detritus of all sorts (long-held destructive beliefs, blocks, random crap that you try to fill your life with which has no essential meaning in and of itself, etc), in order to make room for something of worth.

So, I found it a neat thing to see Ganesh, the remover of obstacles! To me, this is another way of wording the emptying the bowl process. I'm removing obstacles, which mostly come in the form of blocks I've created over time to my own happiness.

I was also doing a yes/no Q&A session in a meditative and receptive state, and the question I was working on answering had a yes answer, which was whether I was prepared to start moving forward a bit, from a place of personal power, peace and self confidence. The answer was yes, but I feel, with an addendum. The clause that I felt was there is that the emptying the bowl process never really ends. We have to continually evaluate our lives to see what needs to go away versus what is of lasting value and can stick around. It is not a one time deal. Besides which, we learn as we go, from experience and from putting ourselves out there day after day, with trust.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wordy Wednesday: Another June Forecast

I did June Tea Leaf Fortune forecasts for my husband and myself. I decided to post mine since it seemed to have a theme. Again, I am not really going to comment on it, except to say there seems to be a theme with money:  handling money, receiving money, following a path to make money, and also being generally resourceful. And with the Lion it seems to be something that should be acted upon soon. No idea!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cobweb: Getting Out of Jury Duty

This is the single card I pulled yesterday when I was reading about whether I would get jury duty today or not. About a month or so ago I received a jury summons. Having a weak bladder (I need to pee every 30 minutes to an hour) and slight claustrophobia, I didn't particularly want to be stuck in a court room for a day or three. I watched as every case around me was dismissed (I was monitoring them online). I was frustrated because my husband took Tuesday and Wednesday off this week to spend with me before our daughter is out of school and it's harder to have open-ended time together. Not to mention, my husband has a very limited number of days off for the remainder of this year. I wanted to make the most of them!

I received this card as one of the pulls representing whether I would get jury duty. Most of the readings I got were fairly positive, although they were a bit mixed. I arrived at court and spent 2.5 hours there during the jury selection process, and also a lot of sitting and waiting. When I was not selected as one of the jurors from the larger group of about 28, I was dismissed. Woohoo! I felt like I got a get out of jail free card. I met up with my husband and we got to spend the day together. We also get to spend tomorrow together, and I am so grateful.

This card is about being protected from something that is out of your control that you perceive as negative. I would say this qualifies, though on a lesser level than something more tragic, obviously. It is a mundane but good example for me.

Sending you all goodness for your day,

Monday, June 2, 2014

June Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

I am not even gonna say anything about these. Haha! I spent enough time trying to edit this photo. :) I will try to update about this at the end of the month.

Lots o' Love,

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A June Duo: Solitude and Metamorphosis

Hello Everyone!

How are all of you? I apologize to all my beloved blogger friends who I have not interacted with recently. Just know that I adore all of you and it isn't personal! I've just been tired and distracted. And for the past two weeks I was (frankly) rather low energy and sickly. I got a cold that lingered a little, then I got some sort of stomach bug. Then I started my period. It's ending now. Haha. My body was having a bit of a time of it!

In the midst of this, I have been in this process which I describe as 'emptying the bowl'. I'm getting rid of clutter (literal emptying), as well as giving away components of old ventures that I tried and moved on from. I wanted to purge, both literally and symbolically, myself and my house of things that I really don't use or want to keep anymore. I think on some level these things hold us back from moving on with things. We think, 'wellll, maybe I could do that again.' But it's just clinging to dead things. I love the feeling of sorting through junk and donating it. I love the feeling of giving things away to people who can use them or will enjoy them.

I've given away the vast majority of my soap stash (which was considerable). Some of the soap from a year ago was losing its scent or changing scent and color, or in some cases the soap was kind of crappy and I tried to salvage it. In that case, I just threw it all out. I got over the feeling of wasting it, because I realized I didn't even want to GIVE it away, much less try to sell it. I have one drawer full of soaps and some bath salts, most of which I plan to give away soon. I've put away most of my bath and body making accoutrements, in favor of a streamlined space.

I sorted through and donated maybe 6-8 large bags and boxes of my daughter's old toys. Tons of teeny tiny teeming tot trash that was threatening to take over the downstairs. We made a few trips to the thrift store donation drive-through and gladly passed on the treasures (or trash) to someone else. My daughter even removed an old corner kitchen play unit in favor of a functional desk to do her writing, reading and Rainbow Loom work. Every corner and closet of the house is being purged and scrutinized.

While we are not entirely done (and when are you? There's always something to sort or organize!), we have made tremendous progress. Right now my husband is downstairs sorting things in the spare bedroom (aka the Fox Room), and rearranging things in his trademarked Spacial Relations Guy™ way so that instead of a heap of boxes and junk, we'll have actual designated areas for different things: art supplies, electrical or technical stuff, things for our daughter, etc.

It's good to be working on these cluttered and stagnant areas. We've been putting many of these things on hold since we moved in a couple of years ago. We did do some pretty good purging before moving to this house, but this is the second layer of purging, the one that will have the spaces looking more like we want them to, and much more functional to boot. I think having a clean art and craft area will actually help me creatively, too. At least in the sense of a work space.

Anyway! So that's what we've been up to. The two cards I chose for June represent themes, and the theme of Solitude seems a little confusing, considering my daughter will be with me for the summer (therefore, with me most of June), but I also think that I will make time to myself, and that time to myself will be of extra importance while re-adjusting to my daughter being at home after having her in school since the fall.

The Metamorphosis card is a repeating idea. I've gotten this card as recently as a few days ago, and I also got the Death card yesterday. This is just about allowing that change, that unfolding.

Sending lots of June goodness,