Sunday, June 1, 2014

A June Duo: Solitude and Metamorphosis

Hello Everyone!

How are all of you? I apologize to all my beloved blogger friends who I have not interacted with recently. Just know that I adore all of you and it isn't personal! I've just been tired and distracted. And for the past two weeks I was (frankly) rather low energy and sickly. I got a cold that lingered a little, then I got some sort of stomach bug. Then I started my period. It's ending now. Haha. My body was having a bit of a time of it!

In the midst of this, I have been in this process which I describe as 'emptying the bowl'. I'm getting rid of clutter (literal emptying), as well as giving away components of old ventures that I tried and moved on from. I wanted to purge, both literally and symbolically, myself and my house of things that I really don't use or want to keep anymore. I think on some level these things hold us back from moving on with things. We think, 'wellll, maybe I could do that again.' But it's just clinging to dead things. I love the feeling of sorting through junk and donating it. I love the feeling of giving things away to people who can use them or will enjoy them.

I've given away the vast majority of my soap stash (which was considerable). Some of the soap from a year ago was losing its scent or changing scent and color, or in some cases the soap was kind of crappy and I tried to salvage it. In that case, I just threw it all out. I got over the feeling of wasting it, because I realized I didn't even want to GIVE it away, much less try to sell it. I have one drawer full of soaps and some bath salts, most of which I plan to give away soon. I've put away most of my bath and body making accoutrements, in favor of a streamlined space.

I sorted through and donated maybe 6-8 large bags and boxes of my daughter's old toys. Tons of teeny tiny teeming tot trash that was threatening to take over the downstairs. We made a few trips to the thrift store donation drive-through and gladly passed on the treasures (or trash) to someone else. My daughter even removed an old corner kitchen play unit in favor of a functional desk to do her writing, reading and Rainbow Loom work. Every corner and closet of the house is being purged and scrutinized.

While we are not entirely done (and when are you? There's always something to sort or organize!), we have made tremendous progress. Right now my husband is downstairs sorting things in the spare bedroom (aka the Fox Room), and rearranging things in his trademarked Spacial Relations Guy™ way so that instead of a heap of boxes and junk, we'll have actual designated areas for different things: art supplies, electrical or technical stuff, things for our daughter, etc.

It's good to be working on these cluttered and stagnant areas. We've been putting many of these things on hold since we moved in a couple of years ago. We did do some pretty good purging before moving to this house, but this is the second layer of purging, the one that will have the spaces looking more like we want them to, and much more functional to boot. I think having a clean art and craft area will actually help me creatively, too. At least in the sense of a work space.

Anyway! So that's what we've been up to. The two cards I chose for June represent themes, and the theme of Solitude seems a little confusing, considering my daughter will be with me for the summer (therefore, with me most of June), but I also think that I will make time to myself, and that time to myself will be of extra importance while re-adjusting to my daughter being at home after having her in school since the fall.

The Metamorphosis card is a repeating idea. I've gotten this card as recently as a few days ago, and I also got the Death card yesterday. This is just about allowing that change, that unfolding.

Sending lots of June goodness,


  1. Purging is wonderful. We tend to not want to do it but once started, it is hard to stop. So important to do in order to let go of what is in the past and to make room for the new. And of course, to allow for the metamorphosis to happen. I am curious how the Solitude card fits. Perhaps it doesn't mean being alone outside of yourself (as clearly you won't be) but within yourself you are still processing in order to achieve being comfortable. Good to have you back :))

    1. Yes! I agree. It is addictive somehow. Very tiring on the one hand, but very energizing in another sense. The Solitude card is more about my fear of being alone, but also of needing that alone time. It's a big theme for me lately! I do think it emphasizes the importance of having time to myself, not unlike the Hermit.

      Big Hugs!

  2. well, I'm sorry you've been puny but HEY...I adore being adored :)

    clearing the clutter opened me up to clearing the mind clutter. All a good thing.

    1. Thank you, dearie! I am sorry I've been puny, too! I feel a bit better. Not 100% by any means, but a lot better. I'm working on it!

      I'm glad you adore being adored! Sending out even more adoration to you today. is interesting how the mind clutter and physical clutter are linked.

      Lotsa hugs and adoration,