Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Ole July Tea Leaf Reading

So, here's another large reading. I thought a lot of this made sense off the bat, but, as is the case with readings like this, especially large ones, there's always lots of room for interpretation.

Starting at the top:

Funnel- Here's my friend the Funnel! I must've gotten this in 3-4 readings when pulling yesterday. I admit, it's not my favorite card. But who likes frustration, eh?!!!!

Bell- Announcement. Well, sure. I guess we'd be announcing that we're moving. We haven't officially put the house up for sale yet. I told my husband I wanted to wait until July, maybe the second week of July, so we have a little time to spruce things up more. The house is pretty clean but there are some things we want to do, within reason.

Box-Oh! A gift! This can be a literal or a figurative gift. Either way, I'll take it! Hahaa.

Chair-Filled-Someone new entering my life. Hm. Well, this one is more general, but I suppose that makes sense. New things coming into our life might be a natural by-product of planning a move!

Purse- You don't have to tell me twice, although you did. I got several money warnings, and that makes sense, too. We don't have any savings cushion whatsoever, so we have to be very selective about everything we do. We can't go around doing a bunch of expensive things. Anything we change (which won't be much) will have to be of minimal expense.

Broom- New Home, New Attitude! I was wondering if this card would show up at any point for this process. This is probably the most specific card I could get for this whole selling/buying process.

Pineapple- Reconciliation. Not sure on this one. That is a hard one to figure out for me. Is this another house-related thing, or something more personal? I don't have any major splits going on relationship-wise, so we'll see how this comes into play.

Broken Ring- OK! That one gave me pause. What would we be breaking? Isn't this a weird dichotomy with Pineapple right on the other side? Reconciliation and Broken Ring. Is this about breaking with one house and finding another? I don't feel this is about my relationship for a multitude of reasons. Anyway, we'll see. Lots of stuff about the housing situation. We'll see!



  1. New home! I love that that showed up. It is interesting the pineapple and broken ring showing up together, though. Maybe you'll be letting go of something in order to embrace something you had forgotten about or previously let go of?

  2. Yeah, that is kinda what I was thinking, too, Siddaleah! It's like making something didn't work out with the house, or something we were looking into so we tried something else. Or we decided to do something we originally nixed? Not sure! Interesting.