Monday, June 30, 2014

Birds, Book & Key: Research and Possible Solutions

Here's a trio I pulled today, again regarding the house sale. I know! I am obsessed. Grr. Hahaa.

Anyway. I edited it using a pic editor I accidentally purchased on my phone. Whoops. Oh well.

So. I have been trying to brainstorm some meanings for this trio. My question was about how to possibly mitigate the expenses that seem to be a problem if attempting to selling the house now.

I got Book, which is about information of some sort, at least that's the primary meaning I've assigned to it. And then there's birds, which is about communication, sometimes gossip or whatnot, but I think the meaning is fairly neutral in and of itself.

The Key card tends to be more positive--as it's about a solution.

Here are a few meanings of some of these combinations from

Birds + book (26): students, teachers, secrets

Birds + key (33): good communication, promising connection

Key + book (26): secret is revealed, spiritual studies

Key + birds (12): power couple, important phone call

Book + key (33): important discovery, secret is revealed, very successful book

Book + birds (12): public speaking classes, PR expert, discussions about something learned

Alright! So you get the idea, I bet!  I like to cross-reference meanings and also look at different combinations, even though it's a little (ok, a lot!) redundant. It solidifies meanings in my mind, and triggers my intuition.  When the cards come in a different order there is a different meaning given, but I think it could be applicable for whatever way the cards fell, in my opinion.

So...I can definitely expand upon the words and phrases given here, using these as a rough draft.

When I saw these what came to mind is that, in doing some sort of research (book), we come across an idea, then we communicate that idea (birds), to help bring about a solution (key). However, I could definitely be wrong about that. Haha.

I like the phrase, 'discussions about something learned' and also, 'important phone call',  'important discovery' as well as 'promising connection'...which could all sound like helpful contacts for figuring out a solution. I promise that if any of this happens I will let y'all know.

Love heaps,


  1. Do your research (book) by talking (birds) to the right (key) person? Find experts in the field and ask questions. Questions are free. :-)

    1. Yep...that is similar to what I was thinking. :) I hope you have a lovely day. Xox