Sunday, June 29, 2014

Deciding Not to Sell Tea Leaf Pull

So, you guys know that I can be decisive but also change my mind. Hah! Anyway, I know several other people like this. What I have noticed over time, however, is that it isn't so much that I'm changing my mind entirely, but that I wasn't totally paying attention to how I felt about things at the onset of my decision-making process. When I went back and realized how I felt, which is that I decided I didn't REALLY want to do it (yet!) that is the point where I dropped out and made a new plan.

This realization has enabled me to see myself in a more positive light. Instead of seeing myself as wishy-washy, I see myself needing to pay attention to how I'm feeling earlier. I have situations that I convince myself are good, but I tend to ignore how I'm feeling, perhaps because I might think it's irrational to feel that way. Sooner or later, those feelings tend to escalate and I'm left with an overwhelming desire to change the direction of where things are going.

Such the case with the house selling saga. Now, I want to clarify that I'm fairly certain we still plan to sell at some point--whether it's a year or two down the line. But I noticed the growing sense of anxiety (and blahness) accompanying the act, and when I realized I dreaded the whole process more than I dreaded the winter commute that I was trying to eliminate, then maybe the timing wasn't quite right. I had a talk late last night with my hubby. He seemed OK with it, although we've both been in high stress mode trying to get ready for things. We realized more problems with our plan last night, some of them financial, some of them intuitive on my part.

In any case, here are six cards I pulled just a few minutes ago regarding this decision. Overall I think it makes sense and looks decent. There's the exciting event, which is deciding suddenly to withdraw the idea of moving (for now), and there's the Knot card, which is about something unraveling, which is the plan itself. When I saw the Knot card today after our decision last night, the Broken Ring card (a similar meaning to Knot), made a lot more sense for July. Next to that we have Tankard, which is about celebration, fun and enjoyment. It's one of the more lighthearted cards in the deck. I have to admit, I feel a hell of a lot more relaxed after making this choice to wait to sell. It was like 90% of my stress evaporated as soon as I made the decision. This card also makes me think we can focus on my traditional summer things, such as relaxing and trying to have fun.

The second row is Carriage, which is about a journey. Now, this could be literal or not. I'm unsure which this is. I think it's more symbolic but it could definitely be both. And Cobweb is about being protected from any problems or negative impact, which is always a good thing. The final card is Basket, which is about some sort of reward or recognition for an action. So maybe waiting will yield some sort of reward, whether financial or otherwise. I hope so. We don't know what the market will do, and there's a chance it won't be a good idea to wait. But I trust my intuition and I am going to try to appreciate the journey.



  1. that is what the cards help me with also. And sometimes I just flip a coin and if I'm disappointed, I know what I wanted ;)

    1. I agree, Sharyn! I love the coin flipping and seeing what disappoints you idea. It sounds a lot like a video by Michael Neill I saw on YouTube. Take a look:

  2. Ah yes. It's such a good skill, learning to trust that feeling. I recognize fairly early if I have peace about a situation or not. I don't always listen to that feeling either, but I've learned through experience that I will usually regret it when I ignore it. When I get that feeling of peace and relaxation after making a decision, like you describe, I know I'm on the right track.

    1. Thank you for your confirmation, Siddaleah! I am learning more and more how important this is. I used to dismiss it a lot. I'd struggle with it. I wouldn't accept it without a lot of fussing and guilt. Now I am slowly learning to trust those feelings.