Monday, June 16, 2014

Key & Tree: House Move Confirmation

I decided to do another moving duo, this time about what to keep in mind, but it didn't seem to offer a lot of suggestions, just encouragement. Interesting! I love the symbol of the Key, especially as it seems to emphasize the house concept, a key unlocking a door symbolically. I feel that downsizing and having a smaller mortgage payment will actually be a key to improving things for us financially.



  1. Your last two readings certainly do seem to be encouraging you and saying a move would be a positive thing. That's kinda exciting, huh? Kinda daunting too, just because I'm thinking of what it would take to move, but one step in front of the other and once you break it down into pieces it's very doable.

    1. I do find it encouraging, but I confess I am nervous about the financial ramifications of buying another house after only purchased one two years ago! Though it's a very good time to sell (the market is super hot up here), it's not a good time to buy and the pickings are slim. Plus...we don't have any savings. LOL. But...if we can sell it for a certain amount and finagle the financial portion of things, then it might just work it. It may take some doing, though! I think it will be worth it, though. XOX

    2. A good real estate agent will be motivated to help you make the financial portion work out. I bet he/she would find options you don't even know about yet.

    3. You have a very good point. And thankfully my husband is fairly good with numbers, and the real estate agent we used a couple of years ago is really good at what she does. Thanks for the encouragement! xoxx