Friday, June 20, 2014

Lenormand Trio About Moving

You guys are going to get sick of seeing readings about me moving. Haha! I am sorry!

Here is a trio using Pepi Valderrama's Alice in Wonderland Vintage Lenormand App.

I missed around with it in Fun deck! I also got the Crotchet and Whimsical Lenormands by Pepi--I love them all! Granted, my skill translating Lenormand readings is a little bit rusty and malformed. Haha!

My impression of this trio (Ship, Stork, Tower), is that the transition (Ship) of the new beginning that is moving (Stork), may have some challenges, but it is a solid enough thing (Tower). I see the Tower in Lenormand as being pretty solid. It's not like the Tower in the tarot. Thank goodness? There are some negative connotations such as loneliness or challenge, but I have read it is not a negative card per se, depending on who you ask.

Oh, something else occurred to me when seeing the Tower card. It can represent many things, so I won't assume anything, but I also thought of the height of a tower. My daughter specifically requested a house with two stories so she can look down from her upstairs window. Reminds me very much of the depiction of this card showing a girl looking out her window. It was her number one request!

The clarification to this reading (not shown) was Rider, which I see as similar to the knights in tarot--bearing news of some sort. In and of itself it is neutral. But that makes sense. What moving process isn't loaded with news and messages and the like?



  1. I like your literal interpretation of the Tower as being a two-story house :) What I saw was travelling to a new home with the help of an institution - could be the estate agent who helps you find it, or the removals firm… :D

  2. Oh! Yes! I did see the part about an official institution helping with the sale (realtor, bank, etc)...and also the literal tall house representation. Thanks for the reminder! I miss interacting with you more often! I send love to you and the family. When I first typed love it defaulted it lice! Lol!

    1. Yikes! Definitely don't send me lice :D Yes, sadly our busy family lives get in the way of internet time ;) Sending you much love, too! xoxoxoxo

    2. It's a deal! I won't send you lice if you won't send me any. I will definitely need to harass you more, but hopefully in a nice way (not a lice way).

      Hugs to you, BB, DO and the babe,