Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Relax--Everything's Okay!

Here's a card that I think we could all benefit from seeing. Relax--Everything's Okay. What a great reminder. You might argue that sometimes things aren't OK. Well...okay. I guess I can see your point, but overall this is still good advice. Things change. Sometimes we go through crummy things, or feel badly about ourselves (usually they go hand in hand). I thought I'd post this one because I've been really focused on getting everything lined up to move and part of me is really stressed about it, and really resisting it. But sometimes just reminding ourselves that everything is fine, and it's all transitory, is the best thing we can do.



  1. It is a pretty, uplifting card! Wishing you luck with getting everything lined up. As you say, it'll all come out in the end :)
    Hugs, Cxx

    1. Thank you, dear lady! I appreciate the good mojo! I will definitely let you know how it goes. I am so sorry I have not been more communicative lately. I hope you're doing well. XOX