Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saying Yes to the Removal of Obstacles

Here is a card I pulled (twice) after having a discussion with my dear friend this evening. We were talking about the process I've been undergoing recently, which I term 'emptying the bowl' that is primarily about removing unwanted detritus of all sorts (long-held destructive beliefs, blocks, random crap that you try to fill your life with which has no essential meaning in and of itself, etc), in order to make room for something of worth.

So, I found it a neat thing to see Ganesh, the remover of obstacles! To me, this is another way of wording the emptying the bowl process. I'm removing obstacles, which mostly come in the form of blocks I've created over time to my own happiness.

I was also doing a yes/no Q&A session in a meditative and receptive state, and the question I was working on answering had a yes answer, which was whether I was prepared to start moving forward a bit, from a place of personal power, peace and self confidence. The answer was yes, but I feel, with an addendum. The clause that I felt was there is that the emptying the bowl process never really ends. We have to continually evaluate our lives to see what needs to go away versus what is of lasting value and can stick around. It is not a one time deal. Besides which, we learn as we go, from experience and from putting ourselves out there day after day, with trust.