Monday, June 30, 2014

Tattered Nomad House Reading

I missed playing with this gorgeous deck, the Tattered Nomad Oracle. I haven't used it for a while! I tend to use things profusely then put them away and forget about them. You all know the drill!

Here are the cards I pulled regarding my recent decision to put the house sale on hold. A cursory glance at them seemed to indicate that they made sense, but there was more there so I hope I can pull out more meaning from this reading as I go along.

The first card pulled was Mice. This tends to be sort of negative, about something 'eating away' at you, in the form of fear, worry or frustration. I guess that makes sense. The Clouds card indicates temporary problems, which would go well with Mice in terms of a theme. The Ring is about a contract or union of some kind, in this case a contract to sell/buy a house.

The non-traditional card drawn here is the Familiar, a card Shaheen added to represent some sort of guidance received. Another key word for this Familiar is protection and warning. Maybe this represents receiving intuitive guidance to wait to do the house sale. That's what I thought of when I saw it, but who knows for sure.

I pulled one final card at the end, the Bouquet card, which was to represent some sort of new or helpful influence. The card is about receiving gifts or an offering of some sort. Perhaps this is an idea or monetary help that I could receive to help things along. This is a very pleasant, helpful card. So I was happy to see it here amidst 'blah' worry cards.

Much Love,

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