Friday, June 27, 2014

What's Happening? Current Events Reading

I don't know quite yet what this refers to. I have some ideas, but I think that I will find out. Haha. I tend to dismiss readings and then they turn out to be very relevant.

So what things come up with this pull of nine cards? Let us see.

So we have the Older Woman in the very center of the reading. She can represent any woman that is older than you. I feel this tends to refer to a mother or grandmother. So, I'm going with that. Surrounding the mother and grandmother is a party energy (Fan), as well as some sort of uplifting, solutions-oriented energy (Bridge). That's nice, right? Haha. Anyway. No idea. I know my husband's grandmother has a birthday this weekend (on our anniversary). We can't forget that! I don't know if that's what this is showing. Certainly Fan+Older Woman could represent a birthday celebration for my husband's grandmother, who will be celebrating her 90th birthday.

The Bridge part seems more mysterious, though it could be something positive happening for her. That, too, makes sense. She recently (along with my husband's parents) moved back to a town in upstate New York and back into her house which she left when she went to live with my husband's parents. Sorry if that's hard to follow. She recently went back to live in her own house again (she has dementia/Alzheimer's), and she is happy about that. My husband spoke to her on the phone recently. She's also going to a kind of adult hang out place where she can spend time with peers during the day, which I think is a good thing. But there may be some element I am really missing with this.

On the top row we have Haystack, Funnel and Tent. I feel this may be referring to the housing thing. I am not entirely sure, but the Funnel card keeps coming up for me when I do readings. The Tent card makes me think of temporary housing, and we're thinking we may have to rent for a while before finding a house we like. Our realtor made it clear to us when we saw her Monday that it's a really tough market for buying out there--that it's like an angry cat fight trying to get a house. Selling should be a good deal easier for us. She mentioned we may have to stay with family a while, like a month or two, while finding a house. I like my own space so I don't really like that idea, but she also mentioned renting for a while and then pouncing on any listings that come up. It doesn't sound like fun to me, but it may be necessary in this market.

The final row with Gavel, Table and Caterpillar, are also about the housing thing, I think. There's a lot of finagling and legal mumbo jumbo to deal with. We have to do all this specific paperwork stuff, and time everything well. But the final card, Caterpillar, gives me hope that things will transform in a positive way...eventually.


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