Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wordy Wednesday: Another June Forecast

I did June Tea Leaf Fortune forecasts for my husband and myself. I decided to post mine since it seemed to have a theme. Again, I am not really going to comment on it, except to say there seems to be a theme with money:  handling money, receiving money, following a path to make money, and also being generally resourceful. And with the Lion it seems to be something that should be acted upon soon. No idea!



  1. Certainly seems pretty positive. Make shrewd use of what comes your way by chance, and seize opportunities to take steps on that path to making money. Reminds me of that card you had before about small steps... :)

    1. Indeed. I got a few other pulls that were more mixed, but I decided to hang out on the positive side of things. That is true. Small steps do add up. XOXOX!