Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Anchor & Fish: Financial Stability and Savings

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love when a pull directly responds to a question. Honestly, though, this is true the vast majority of the time. This is a very elegant pull, though, and I love that.

Over at Faery Godmother Fortune's site, I found this brief description:

Fish/ Anchor- money is secure, a nest egg or ‘rainy day’ money

I was asking about our financial status and whether things might improve overall. And that does (largely) include things we do proactively to change things.

At first I feared that Anchor meant that things wouldn't change, since it has a very firm, stable feeling, but my sense of the reading was not negative at all. I didn't see it as saying, 'Sorry, dude, but things are not going to change financially.'

To me, I felt the meaning of having a nest egg, and building up funds was more accurate. We've been running behind over and over again each paycheck, despite my attempts to be frugal. I am going to step it up, though. Part of the issue was a need for some repairs (my car AC in upper 90's heat comes to mind), which added extra expenses to an already taxed (pun?) financial status.

I am putting into place some measures to help reduce shopping expenses, and debt in general. One that I'm implementing is no going out to eat for a good while. Not at all. We can't do it right now anyway, but even if we get money I am going to refrain from doing so, unless it's a special occasion (a birthday, for instance). Then I am going to place that money that would have been spent going out to eat in a savings account. There are several other things on the list of ideas for building up funds, some of which I took from an article on how to trick yourself into saving more money.

I am also going to use a (free) grocery delivery service where I order my groceries online and have them delivered once a week. This will cut down on the amount of grocery store visits where I tend to be far more tempted to make impulse purchases like a drink or snack (or essential oil).

Additionally, we have a couple of paychecks coming in that will have a bit more money than usual, and a bit extra from those will also be placed in savings.

Anyway. Those are just some examples of what I'm working on in this area.

Fishy Good Wishes,


  1. Those sound like some good measures, and quite do-able. I use the "order online to avoid temptation" one to reasonably good effect :) Will keep my fingers crossed you don't get any more unexpected bills!

    1. Thank you for the lovely input. I am glad you've found it to be helpful! I also try to avoid extraneous online purchases (like something on Etsy, or whatnot), but I noticed myself nickeling and diming myself to death. $5 here, $12 there...most of it would be things like a drink and snack for Pele or myself. It would add up fast. So, I am opting to bring snacks and drinks with me that I make at home for less money and only going out for a treat rarely. Thanks for the good bill mojo. :D XOXO

  2. I also want to find ways to make a little money here and there this fall, but I don't really quite know how I am going to do that yet. I am going to try to do some brainstorming now!

    1. Will look forward to hearing what your brainstorming brings up... :)
      Hugs, Cxxx