Monday, July 28, 2014

Another House Reading: House and Bear

I pulled this duo just now and decided to post it. I've been getting the 'House' card in Lenormand a lot lately. I suppose this makes sense, given my fixation on house-related things.

Here the House card comes paired with Bear. Bear can represent finances, mothering and protectiveness, diet and health, among other things. The simple duo I found on said this:

House + bear (15): real estate investment, buying a house, expanding a house

This would also make sense, given our current plan to sell this house and move north slightly, to the city where my daughter's school is. Even so, I've been questioning whether I should or not. Granted, I don't like that commute, but am I making an error in judgment in thinking of selling? It's a seller's market, and pickings are slim, with inventory down very, very low. Lots of competition.

My fear is that we'll sell the house but not be able to find anything very decent or in our price range. I don't want to move into a house we're settling for. But I also had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to reduce our monthly mortgage payment rather than increase. In this highly inflated market, I worry that we'll only add to our debt by moving.

Even so, so many of the readings I've been doing seem to encourage selling, and many are fairly literal about it. Some effusive in their praise of the idea. Of course, ultimately, I have to be OK with the idea to do it. I am not going blindly by what I'm seeing in the readings. On one level, they definitely represent my own psychological desires and patterns, though I do also believe they can be predictive.

Flipped the other way, the site has the cards say this:

Bear + house (4): real estate agent, house expansion

Well, haha. I am definitely not going to be expanding this house! Though, the Bear card showing protection or help from a real estate agent might be smart. Our realtor is very savvy, one of the top selling and performing realtors in the state.  I know she would look out for our best interests.

In looking at Faery Godmother Fortunes, they have this to say about the duo:

House/ Bear- an important or stately home, an official building of some sort

Anyway...that's it for now.


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