Monday, July 21, 2014

Bear and Bat Beside Me

Here is today's draw! Of course, I tend to think of them as being an influence of several days, weeks sometimes. I received Woman, which I see as my significator card, even though I would not wear a corset. ;D She stands in the middle of the reading flanked by the Bear and Bat.

The Bear can be about protection, mothering, finances, diet/weight.

Here's the description from

Lenormand Bear Meaning 
 Keywords: PERSONAL FINANCES, boss, mother figure, strength, weight, diet, power.

General Description: The Lenormand Bear often comes through as your personal finances such as investments, income, and cash flow. It can also represent the head of a company or an individual’s boss.

The Bear is a card of protection, strength and power. Much like a mother bear protecting her cubs, the Bear will use its strength to protect those it holds dear. It’s for this reason that the bear can also represent a mother, grandmother, or any mother figure.

If you think of how a bear in nature depends on gorging in the Spring to survive winter hibernation, you’ll understand how the Lenormand Bear deals with health matters connected to nutrition, diet, weight gain, weight loss, and obesity

This is interesting. I think a few of these things could be relevant to me. The Bat, which is a bonus card in Shaheen's deck, is about rebirth, transformation, and then there's a mystical aspect to it--navigating the unknown, maybe with your inner sight. It's like a combination of the High Priestess and Death. Very cool, right?

In some ways, this is similar to yesterday's reading. The Seer is not too unlike the Bat, and the Bear is not too unlike the Anchor. I suppose I should think more on what this could mean.

Have a swell day,

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