Friday, July 25, 2014

Bladder Issues: Bouquet & Scythe


So, I felt like posting!

I pulled this duo and it was a response to a query I had about my annoying bladder issue. I do have a touchy bladder in general, but this is more of an acute bladder infection type deal. It's not horrific, but it's definitely distracting. I've not had the best time health-wuse the past week or more. I got a stomach bug of sorts, and that has lingered (though it's in the very last vestiges and fading), and now I'm in the midst of a UTI. Fun times. Nausea, pee, nausea, pee...repeat.

I've been employing a number of natural remedies. I have noticed an improvement for sure. If, however, things go south I will go in to the doctor, though thankfully I have not really had to do so for a bladder infection since I am well-versed in natural cures, which are far more beneficial to the body and don't wipe out its natural defenses.

But I went ahead and did a two card pull about the infection, about whether it would end soon, and here's what this duo says (when I look at the Faery Godmother Fortunes site):

Flowers/ Scythe- a happy conclusion, something reaches culmination

I love this. I might re-word it to say, 'the gift of an ending'...which it would be!

See you next time!



  1. Those UTI's are always annoying! Hope there was a good outcome and you are no longer plagued by that annoyance of nausea and urination.

    1. Thanks dearie! I am noticing a pretty big improvement today. I didn't even have to pee right away when waking up! Shocking! Hugs and wellness to you.

  2. Really hope the draw is right and you're all better soon! And I also like the suggestion here - flower remedies/homeopathy/natural remedies bring an ending...

    1. Hi Chloƫ! Things are considerably better. Not quite 100%, but definitely decent. I did take a lot of probiotics, vitamin c, cranberry and D-mannose (the concentrated substance in cranberry), and other things. Weirdly, I AM also taking flower remedies, but for other reasons. Hugs!