Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bone Collector Reversed: Recognizing My Wholeness

This card (isn't she wonderful?) reminds me of something I heard when listening to a Michael Neill audio book. What I heard was that we are all innately whole. None of us are irreparably damaged, and we were born whole and we remain whole. It's about returning to that state, remembering it. That's what this card feels like. The quote for it is perfect!

The reversal suggests that I have forgotten this and I tend to go into things in a 'deficit' state of mind, where I feel like I am lacking and everything I do when coming from that place of lack and low self concept is tainted by, and informed by, that idea.

Now, I don't know the exact circumstances that this card is referring to, but there may be several areas that could benefit from this remembrance of wholeness.



  1. I love this card too, just the smile alone makes me smile. I believe in our wholeness and that we are falsely taught to think otherwise.

    1. Yes, she is really something! Is your deck packed up? I love this concept of wholeness. Believing you are inherently flawed causes so many problems, it seems! Xxo