Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hanged Man and Handout


I got bored so I decided to end my hiatus. Haha! I may not post quite as much, but I just felt like I wanted to today so what the heck? Here I am using my new Victorian Steampunk Tarot. I like this deck, but I admit I didn't realize that it was a pips deck until after I purchased it. Even so, I find it visually fun and interesting, and I don't mind the pips since I know the cards well.

One of my favorite features of this deck (rather the deck's book), is that it has an option for reading yes/no answers. It shows which cards mean no, which are neutral and then which are yes. I thought it was fun because it is similar to a method I use, but a little more defined.

The Hanged Man made me think of my blogging hiatus, but also my feeling of being 'on hold' in general. Selling the house is on hold, and creative ventures are on hold, only because I just can't think of anything I really want to do. I still feel in the midst of the Emptying the Bowl™ process, and I am not quite sure what will happen on the other end of that. But that's alright.

The Six of Pentacles makes me think of money, and how I've been trying to think of ways to save and make more money. It has been on my mind a lot. A hand up but not a hand out? Well, I might take either. LOL.

That's all for now. Have a swell day, everyone!


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