Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tea Leaf Pull for July and August

Hello, Folks!

Well, I already did some pulls for July and August, but I decided to post this one anyway. Here's one I pulled last night (sorry about the difficulty seeing the words and inappropriate light spots), and I thought I may as well post it. I thought it might be neato keen to do two months at a time instead of one. Don't ask why. Just thought I'd try it.

Here are the cards I received, along with their brief descriptions:

Sunrise: New creative ideas, new ventures. A fresh start.
Grasshopper: Situations in the balance that require careful handling.
Hand: In need of help, assistance, guidance. 
Grapes: Time to go out and have fun. 
Fair Woman: Dealing or relationship with a woman with blonde, gray or white hair.
Rat: Someone working against you behind your back.
Dog: Protection from a powerful friend.
Hills: Obstacles to overcome.

O.K. Well, that's an interesting mixed bag of cards, I reckon!

Some initial impressions:

Sunrise could refer to new creative or other ideas, as I've been in the market for doing something new, although I'm not really entirely done with my Emptying the Bowl™ process. Even so, I feel that there's an emptiness that I'd like to fill, something for me to focus on. But I'm not being overly excitable or rushed about it. I'm just seeing what wants to come in.

Grasshopper is sort of a balancing act. It can be likened to the meaning of the 2 of Pentacles, where you have something that you have to handle carefully, or you have to do multiple things at once. I'm not entirely sure what this refers to. It could be anything! Of course, if we go ahead with the house thing this could be a card that would make sense in this case.

Fair Woman: I'm not quite sure who this is, but when I've used this deck in the past, it has represented our blonde realtor, who helps us with our house-related stuff. We're still trying to decide whether it's feasible to sell this year or next, and though we can't yet imagine how we might sell this year, there is always still that possibility. Alternatively, this could represent a fair-haired friend.

Actually the Hand card, indicating need for assistance, right next to the Grasshopper and Fair Woman cards, makes me think it may indeed be our realtor, as it has a professional/helper kinda feel to it. Couple that with the card above the Fair Woman, which is Hills, shows that there are obstacles to overcome.

The Dog card, combined with the Rat card, makes me think of something being somewhat underhanded--but us navigating around that with a help from a friend. Again I can't quite say what this would be, but it could make sense with the house stuff, if that is something we pursue. It sounds funny but I see the gerbils my daughter just purchased in the Rat card, just because they look so similar, so that could be a more literal thing.

I think the Grapes card is just a good recommendation, especially for summer time. The purpose of summer, for kids especially, but in general, is to try to relax and have fun. I need to remember to do this, and not get caught up too much in chores or chaos.

I will certainly try to update this reading in the next month or so. Hopefully it will make sense. :)

Happy Summer,

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