Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Moon and Sun: Mood Duo

I was thinking about how moody and blah I feel today, and lately in general. I pulled two Tattered Nomad Oracle cards about it, and got Moon and Sun. Gotta love those opposite readings.

My first impression of this is of duality. I can't have good moods without occasional bad moods. There's that inherent contrast that comes tied up in the mixed bag of a package that is life.

There's also a somewhat literal interpretation: Night and Day. Maybe getting plenty of sleep, and also plenty of sunshine, are both ways to naturally boost mood.

I found the combination of these two on LearnLenormand.com rather weird:

Moon + sun (31): chemistry, big success
Sun + moon (32): creative success, great romance

Interesting thought about some sort of alchemy or chemistry involved in bringing different elements together.  Over at Faery Godmother Fortunes, I enjoyed this interpretation:

Sun/ Moon- an invitation to love, everything going smoothly for a while

Haha. Well. I'm not sure if these interpretations are true for my situation or not. Another one that pops to mind is that I'm on my period (Moon), and I'll probably feel better later (Sun). I think my mood issue goes beyond being on my menstrual cycle, but that certainly doesn't help.  Another possible explanation: my feelings are somewhat mysterious (Moon) but clarity will come later (Sun). In many ways, these Sun and Moon meanings are very similar to the tarot.

Sending you all good wishes,

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