Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bouquet, Ship and Letter: House Bid

Again using Pepi Valderrama's Crochet Lenormand app, I pulled this trio early this morning (midnight), and like a previous reading, I thought of an offer on our house.

The bouquet card made me think of a gift or offering. The Ship card feels dynamic--as if it represents something coming toward us. The Letter again feels like a special message or document. The combination made me think of a bid, but I could be wrong, of course!

Here are some combos that I found on

Bouquet + ship (3): lovely vacation, cruise
Bouquet + letter (27): invitation, happy news
Letter + ship (3): information from abroad, international documents, business communication

Anyway. You get the idea. But I have been reading for long enough to know that I can miss the mark when it comes to a reading. Either way, it doesn't look bad!


Tree, Fox and Rider: Back to School Sniffles

Here is a trio I pulled just now using Pepi Valderrama's adorable Crochet Lenormand app. I admit this one was harder for me to interpret right off the bat, compared to the previous Lenormand pull. My first thought is it had to do with general health stuff. My daughter seems to have come down with a cold. D'oh! Nothing major. Just sniffles and the usual stuff. This makes sense as she just started school last week. She tends to get over things quickly, and it's no big deal. I might catch cold (for some reason the combination of Tree and Fox makes me think of a sneak attack), so that may be the delivery (Rider), but there is an equal chance that this is referring to something else entirely.


Lady, Letter and House

I was thinking about the house stuff last night (what's new?) and I pulled this trio of cards using Pepi Valderrama's Whimsy Lenormand App. I was surprised at how specific it was. I admit I was sort of expecting something roundabout.

Don't you think this looks like hearing about an offer on a house from a woman? Well, maybe that is just my take on it. My realtor is a woman and the Letter could represent this information, and House is sort of obvious. But anyway...we are expecting to hear something on Tuesday.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Waiting for an Offer Reading from Last Week

I pulled these cards last Thursday, a little over a week ago, just before putting the house on the market. When I look at these in light of that action, I could speculate that they might mean something like:

"Patience (Temperance) and intuitive understanding (High Priestess) will lead to an offer (Ace of Pentacles) and ultimately a happy outcome for your family (10 of Cups)." 

But I didn't actually bother to interpret these cards. Haha! I just gave them a cursory glance and then went on with the house prep chaos. I guess that's the benefit of looking over readings later. That's why I continue to do tarot blogging. That, and the sense of blogging community.

As it stands now, we have an offer that's (allegedly) going to be put on the table on Tuesday after the potential buyers get financing lined up and the Labor Day holiday is over. So...we shall see.

Much Love,

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Basket: Positive Recognition

I wanted to see something encouraging when I did this pull, and I did! After a slow start and mediocre feedback, I was given a pep talk by my realtor who said that things will pick up dramatically in September because it always did. She explained that July and August were the slowest months for her, and to keep my head up. So...that is what I am planning to do.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August and September Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

I decided to whip out the ole Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and do a pull for the months of August and September. Of course, August is almost over, and I already did a reading which included August, but I thought I'd make this the latter part of August into September. In that reading regarding July and August, my realtor's significator card came up, which immediately made both my husband and I think we might end up selling after all, somehow. We did, so here we are.

This reading appears to be a bit mixed, but nothing too horrible. Hah! On the less positive side we have the Purse card, cautioning us to pay attention to our finances, which is something we always have to do, especially during such an expensive transaction as house selling/buying. Ram shows up with its stubborn and aggressive behavior (who this is referring to I can't be sure yet).

Otherwise the reading isn't too bad. With good luck, wish granted, and good fortune as some of the main meanings in this pull, I can't complain too much. The Lily is an unusual card. I never quite feel connected to it. Though it's not a negative card by any means, so I am cool with it.

In any event, there it is...and I hope things do go relatively smoothly over this next month or so.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Breaking Free: Changing My Thinking

Here is a card I pulled just a bit ago. I didn't really have a question--I just felt run down, moving obsessed, and in need of some sort of guidance or affirmation. I think this is a good one. Its message did resonate with me.

I have felt tied down and restricted by this house thing, even though it also represents freedom (from the commute) but I keep getting all twisted up in the details, the semantics. The worries about selling the house for a high enough price--about timing, about finding a house in our price range with tight inventory where we're moving. Etc! any given moment I can free myself from this worry. I can break free of it. It's just thought, after all. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. The point's something that I can stop doing.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Conclusion and Be Back Soon

Hello Lovely Folk,

It has been a week since I've posted last so I thought I'd do a quick post. Here is a card I pulled from the Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle app on my phone.

I thought it was fairly apt, considering we're moving to another city and have to wrap things up with that. We finished the staging, the photography, the cleaning and weeding and organizing (you know, as much as one can--there's always more to do), and now we just have to keep everything pristine until we sell.

I may be rather busy the next few weeks or so, considering the move, plus my daughter's school re-starting. I'll be volunteering again plus doing house hunting with my realtor and there are also a few school activities coming up.

Oye! I am not really one who likes being busy. I mean, I like being somewhat busy, but not too busy. I guess really I am not super busy but I guess I feel a little frantic from all the goings-on. If that makes any sense.

So, I'll be back sometime in the next week or two to update!

Love to y'all,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Interesting Pull of Six

I pulled these yesterday and here are my thoughts on them:

Coins: I guess this makes sense. My parents are loaning us the money to cover expenses such as earnest money and inspection fees for the house hunt.

Hammock: Taking a vacation. This one makes less sense, but maybe not. Maybe this shows a break in the action somewhere for a very brief respite. I don't know! I know we have a day date planned at the end of the month, unless we end up needing that day for moving purposes.

Bell: Announcement. Well, this could be announcing our house for sale next week, certainly. Among other things, I guess!

Pig: This is funny. I guess we should beware of greed! Either in our house search or with finances or something else. I can actually understand why that would come up. I know when looking at houses you really have to be open-minded and not too greedy about the process.

Broom: I guess this one is pretty specific and self-explanatory. It came up twice in doing readings yesterday.

Heart: This is a sweet card. I like that it's next to the Broom card, showing loving a new house, perhaps. Gosh, I hope that's the case!

Of course, there are numerous ways to read this. It's not a spread so it could be read any way you want. I try to stay open and not too rigid about how I interpret where things might be. I will come back and look at this in another week or two and I imagine it will make even more sense then.

Much Love,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Purchasing House Duo: Hard Work and Staying the Course

Here's a card duo I pulled from the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards this afternoon, regarding purchasing a house in the town we're moving to. We are more concerned about purchasing than selling, due to the real estate climate being favorable toward sellers.

This duo makes sense right off the bat, I think. Table is hard work--which shows it may not be easy to find a property in our price range that we won't be outbid on, and the Mountain Road card shows success...IF...we follow a careful, prescribed formula for how to get there, and don't deviate from that. It's a cautious duo. Cautiously optimistic, perhaps, but not easy.

Fingers crossed,

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Moving House is Back On!

So, today there was an unexpected twist where my mom offered to loan us money to sell our house! Otherwise we would have to go through another winter of commuting to my daughter's school in another town. I'm very grateful and we're DEFINITELY paying my parents back!

However, I find myself feeling jittery! It may have something to do with having coffee on an almost empty stomach, or the chaos that has entered into today--however helpful!

Here's a trio of cards I just pulled. Interesting and it makes sense.

Hope you all are well.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

And Ending, a Break and a New Beginning

I pulled this trio this morning, because I wanted something specific and this deck is pretty good at being specific, especially if I bother to suss out the meaning. When I saw this trio the phrase, and title of this post, popped into my head:

"An ending, a break, and a new beginning."

As the summer draws to a close and school is about to start in less than three weeks, I am turning my attention to what I want to accomplish this fall. When I say 'accomplish' I say so with a grain of salt. I don't need big, mega-watt goals (unless that sounds wonderful) but I do feel something stirring inside of me (that phrase always cracks me up--what is stirring in there--alien life? Worms?) since I have been fairly dormant in terms of having any sort of commission or venture. I mean, not entirely dormant. Most of my energy this summer was spent with mothering, which makes sense, as my daughter is home from school. Just trying to keep things on a somewhat even keel and trying to entertain my daughter on a limited budget.

So, now that school is about to start, I am reviewing the past six plus months and figuring out where I'd like to go from here. I have been feeling a little stir-crazy creatively, as you might have noticed, so I think doing something is warranted, but I haven't decided what form it will take yet. I feel like I need to take more risks in several areas in order to see anything happen. I just have to decide which things take precedence, and not psyche myself out. As Chloë commented in my Ring and Roads post, I can commit to my choices!

I don't really need to explain this trio of cards, maybe, but I will just because. The Conclusion card is about something drawing to a close. My first guess was this recent phase, and the summer months in general. There may be other things coming to a close that I'm not even aware of yet. The middle card is Meditation, and I feel this shows stress management as well as a break. It reminds me a little bit of the 4 of Swords. A break in the action. As something ends there's often a void, when we have a pause before something new starts. In the final card we have Fledgling, which is the very first card in this deck, which reminds me just a bit of the Fool. 

Much Love,

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Roads and Ring: Offers and Agreements

Here are two cards I pulled this evening. I know roads (aka crossroads) can refer to decisions, various paths to take, a journey. Ring is about a connection, a commitment, a relationship. So, I guess the most basic definition of this duo could be along the lines of committing to a choice. says it is this:

Crossroad + ring (25): multiple offers, agreement

Faery Godmother Fortunes had a more unusual answer:

Road/ Ring- going around in circles, déjà vu, trying something you tried once before

Interesting! Anyway. I am super tired today, so I'm not going to think too hard on this one.

Goodnight, everyone! See you later...


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Goddess of the Moon: Trusting Myself Implicitly

I decided to pull a single card using the Energy Oracle app, to give myself a helpful focus for the present. I really appreciated the answer. When it comes down to it, I felt this asked of me: do you trust yourself? Despite any foibles and personal flaws, do I trust myself? It is a good question to put to myself. When I thought about it, removing the layers of insecurity, fear and doubt, I realized that, despite the ongoing and compelling pressure of the opinions of others, and the equally constant presence of my own fear, there was still that fundamental trust in my own guidance and intuition. What a reassuring thing.

Sending you all faith in yourselves,

Friday, August 1, 2014

Vesta Visits to Reassure Me

I was thinking a lot about moving yesterday. Big surprise, I know! Haha. But really. For some reason it was on my mind yesterday more than usual. Specifically, I was wondering if I should move at all. I was thinking maybe it was a bad idea. I started fretting about home prices up north where we're moving, although they're not dramatically more expensive, there is a difference.

I think I am fearing that if I move we'll just plunge ourselves into a situation we don't particularly like. Right now we live in a nice neighborhood (one of the nicest in this city), in a really nice house, for a good price.

However, the commute to my daughter's school is definitely a problem for me. For some people, they might be able to manage it. For me, I don't think it's something I want to do indefinitely. I had such a stressful time with it last year.

But, I found myself hesitating to make the decision to sell this house. There is a delay anyway, because we don't have the funds to put down on earnest money and other costs until February/March of next year. But then I began second-guessing my impulse to move in the first place. So, doing what any tarotist would do, I whipped out my cards (or, rather, card app on my phone), and pulled a few cards about it.

I used the Energy Oracle app on my phone and I choose three cards to illuminate the situation. I received Victory (reversed), which talked about a delay in getting what you want. This made sense to me, given the timing aspect of things. Then there was the Happy Family (very like the 10 of Cups), also reversed. This also showed some kind of temporary block to fulfillment. But the energy of Victory and a Happy Family outcome is still there--just delayed a little.

I wanted a little more info so I pulled a third card, which was Walking Away. This card talks about leaving, moving on to something. This felt like deciding to move. This was the only non-reversed card of the three, showing that moving/walking away would bring freedom. On a more emotional level, letting things be for the moment might also be a good idea. Letting go, putting things on the back burner, can be very valuable if you feel stuck and unable to move forward (literally, in this case!)

Even though the reading was perfectly good and helpful, I decided to pull a single card from the Goddess Guidance app on my phone. I thought right before I pulled, 'The odds are against me, but if I pulled the Vesta/Home card, that would really tie things up nicely!' Of course, you know the rest! Hahaa. I couldn't believe I got that card. Anyway.

I feel like what I'm experiencing is simply cold feet. I am afraid to lose my cushy home in my cushy neighborhood. Ok, the home needs some TLC, but it's a nice house in a really nice neighborhood (the neighborhood is called Country Club...oh lordy...the pretension), but to be honest I think that it feels right to move. Now, if I can just suspend my impatience and wait until February/March, then I'll be golden.

I don't know how we got this nice house to begin with (great luck, serendipity, etc), but part of me worries my so-called luck will run out when we decide to move to the nearby city where my daughter's school is. I think maybe I'll end up in a nasty dive, next to vicious dogs again. I think it's scarcity fears. Or perhaps I'm afraid of acquiring more debt, as we haven't had a lot of money lately, and I would rather whittle down our debt than increase it.

But...for long-term investment, it makes more sense to find the city you plan to live in for a while and stay there. I know my daughter will be in this school for at least until the 8th grade. She's in the 3rd grade now, and so I can count on that part. Furthermore, I'd rather make decisions from a sense of confidence, competence and adventure, rather than piddly, persistent fears.

Love going forward,