Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August and September Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

I decided to whip out the ole Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and do a pull for the months of August and September. Of course, August is almost over, and I already did a reading which included August, but I thought I'd make this the latter part of August into September. In that reading regarding July and August, my realtor's significator card came up, which immediately made both my husband and I think we might end up selling after all, somehow. We did, so here we are.

This reading appears to be a bit mixed, but nothing too horrible. Hah! On the less positive side we have the Purse card, cautioning us to pay attention to our finances, which is something we always have to do, especially during such an expensive transaction as house selling/buying. Ram shows up with its stubborn and aggressive behavior (who this is referring to I can't be sure yet).

Otherwise the reading isn't too bad. With good luck, wish granted, and good fortune as some of the main meanings in this pull, I can't complain too much. The Lily is an unusual card. I never quite feel connected to it. Though it's not a negative card by any means, so I am cool with it.

In any event, there it is...and I hope things do go relatively smoothly over this next month or so.



  1. Will keep my fingers crossed for you! And maybe Lily points to something that could help you through this stressful time...

    1. Thank you, dearie. Yes, I may need the luck! Maybe Lily is some sort of psycho-spiritual practice like meditation. xox

    2. Meditation never hurts, that's for sure :D

    3. I do need to find new ways of stress management. I am strongly considering signing up for yoga this fall.

    4. I hope you will, it can be such a wonderful practice - good for body, mind and spirit :)