Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bouquet, Ship and Letter: House Bid

Again using Pepi Valderrama's Crochet Lenormand app, I pulled this trio early this morning (midnight), and like a previous reading, I thought of an offer on our house.

The bouquet card made me think of a gift or offering. The Ship card feels dynamic--as if it represents something coming toward us. The Letter again feels like a special message or document. The combination made me think of a bid, but I could be wrong, of course!

Here are some combos that I found on

Bouquet + ship (3): lovely vacation, cruise
Bouquet + letter (27): invitation, happy news
Letter + ship (3): information from abroad, international documents, business communication

Anyway. You get the idea. But I have been reading for long enough to know that I can miss the mark when it comes to a reading. Either way, it doesn't look bad!


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